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Android to Get New Version of Titan Quest Pretty Soon; Watch-Out!

AHA Games  |  2021-1-12 16:58 0832

DotEmu initially brought a mobile port of Titan Quest to Android back in 2016, though it would appear HandyGames took over the reins at some point. Oddly enough, the iOS version of this action RPG has seen a few different releases come and go, and so it looks to now be Android's turn. That's right, there's a Legendary Edition of Titan Quest coming to Android sometime soon, and it's already available for pre-registration.
The trailer offers a first look at Titan Quest: Legendary Edition for Android. As you can see, the graphics look sharp and colorful, and best of all, the Legendary Edition will offer all of the DLC and technical updates from the PC version, essentially making for a complete edition on Android. Luckily those who own the 2016 version will be able to purchase all of this DLC separately in order to bring it in line with the Legendary Edition, something many users have been asking for since the 2016 version was released.

Sadly we don't yet know when Titan Quest: Legendary Edition will actually be available on Android, but you can pre-register right now, which should signal we're nearing an official launch. At the very least, if you'd like to receive a notification the day the game goes live, you can pre-register through the Play Store widget.

You can kindly pre-register here for notification when it's finally released: Titan Quest

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