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TECNO Buds1- Operations and Functions

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Pop-up, Click, and Connect
The TECNO buds1 feature a smart pop-up interface for instant pairing on all TECNO smartphones. As soon as the charging case is opened, the earbuds can be easily connected via Bluetooth. After a successful connection, the battery level of both earphones would be shown.

1Name Buds 1
2 Model BD01
3 BT Version V5.0
4 Earphone Battery 40mAh*2
5 Charging Box Battery 300mAh
6Music Playing Time for Earbuds ≥4 Hours (Earbuds + Charging Box: ≥12 Hours)
7Speaker Dimension φ8.6mm
8Colour White

Operations and Functions
Power On
1. Open the charging case, and the earphones will automatically be turned on (the blue lights will be on for one second)
2. With the earbuds outside the charging box, long-press the touch panel for 3 seconds to power on.

Power Off
1. Enclose earbuds in the charging box to power off
2. Long press touch panel for 10 seconds
3. Low power would automatically turn the earphones off
4. Earphones would go off if not connected for 3 minutes


Bluetooth Pairing
1. For first time pairing, both earphones would automatically connect flashing red and blue alternatively
2. For previous connections, both earphones would automatically connect back

Lost Connection/Disconnect via Bluetooth
After the earphone loses connection, the earphones enters a reconnection state

Low Battery
A reminder is activated  when the battery falls, once every 3 minutes (A red light flashes once per second for 5 seconds and cycle after a 10 second stop)

Charging using Earphones
1. Charging: The earphones would automatically charge when connected or put into the charging case (When the earphone is charging, the white lights 4 seconds
2. Fully charge: The whites lights are off

Charging using Case
1. Charging: The white light flashes
2. Fully Charged: The white light is  always on


Smart Switching Operations
Music Play
1. Play/Pause: Double-tap the touch panel to pause or play
2. Volume up/Volume down: To increase the volume, tap the right earphones while the music is playing; to decrease the volume tap on the left earphone while the music is playing
3. Next/Previous: Tap the right earphone thrice to move access to the next audio file, and the left earbud thrice to return access to the previous audio file.

Call Operation
1. Answer a Call/Hang Up: Double-tap the touch panel to answer a call, or double-tap again to hang up.
2. Reject Call: Long press the touch panel for two seconds and release after hearing a prompt tone.
3. Switch between mobile phones/phones: Press and hold the touch panel for 2 seconds during a call.
4. Answering an Incoming Call while on a Call/Hang Up: Double-tap the touch panel while on a call to pick up an incoming call, long-press the touch panel for a second to hang up.
5. Switching Between Three Party Call: Long press the touch panel for two seconds to switch between calls.

Launch Voice Assistant
1. Start the voice assistant: Tap on the touch panel 4 times while connected to your device to call on Google Assistant
2. Exist the voice assistant: Tap on the touch panel 4 times to exist

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