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TECNO SPOT GH | 2021-05-1214452

The #64MP Ultra Night Camera, shine out loud in the dark. Available in TECNO accredited shops nationwide. CAMON 17 (128G+4G)- GHS 950 CAMON 17(128G+6G)- GHS 1,115 #CAMON17Series #TheClearestSelfieCamera
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TECNO SPOT GH | 2021-04-2117933

The latest SPARK 7P comes in 4 captivating colours. It's got a 90Hz refresh rate to give you smooth gaming experience. It's super fast, has long lasting battery and lots more for more fun. Visit any TECNO accredited shop to pre-order or click here: #TECNOGhana #AllYouNeedIsSpark #TECNO Read all >>


TECNO SPOT GH | 2021-04-16431733

Business in front, party at the back. Double Spark, Double the Fun with #TECNOSPARK7P. Click here to Pre-Order: #TECNOGhana #AllYouNeedIsSpark Read all >>


TECNO SPOT GH | 2021-04-13181629

Attention All T-Fans!! Visit any TECNO accredited shop to pre-order for your trendy #SPARK7Series. Make a deposit of GHS 200 and get these amazing gifts. Click here for a list of shops you can pre-order from: #TECNO #TECNOGhana Read all >>

TECNO Buds1- Operations and Functions

ahiadzro | 2021-04-01121112

This post was last edited by ahiadzro at 2021-4-1 09:09 Pop-up, Click, and ConnectThe TECNO buds1 feature a smart pop-up interface for instant pairing on all TECNO smartphones. As soon as the charging case is opened, the earbuds can be easily connected via Bluetooth. After a successful connection, the battery level of both earphones would be shown. Specifications 1Name Buds 1 2 Model BD01 3 BT Version V5.0 4 Earphone Battery 40mAh*2 5 Charging Box Battery 300mAh 6Music Playing Time for Earbuds ≥4 Hours (Earbuds + Charging Box: ≥12 Hours) 7Speaker Dimension φ8.6mm 8Colour White Operations and FunctionsPower On1. Open the charging case, and the earphones will automatically be turned on (the blue lights will be on for one second)2. With the earbuds outside the charging box, long-press the touch panel for 3 seconds to power on. Power Off1. Enclose earbuds in the charging box to power off2. Long press touch panel for 10 seconds3. Low power would automatically turn the earphones off4. Earphones would go off if not connected for 3 minutes Bluetooth Pairing1. For first time pairing, both earphones would automatically connect flashing red and blue alternatively2. For previous connections, both earphones would automatically connect back Lost Connection/Disconnect via Bluetooth After the earphone loses connection, the earphones enters a reconnection state Low BatteryA reminder is activatedwhen the battery falls, once every 3 minutes (A red light flashes once per second for 5 seconds and cycle after a 10 second stop) Charging using Earphones1. Charging: The earphones would automatically charge when connected or put into the charging case (When the earphone is charging, the white lights 4 seconds2. Fully charge: The whites lights are off Charging using Case1. Charging: The white light flashes2. Fully Charged: The white light isalways on Smart Switching OperationsMusic Play1. Play/Pause: Double-tap the touch panel to pause or play2. Volume up/Volume down: To increase the volume, tap the right earphones while the music is playing; to decrease the volume tap on the left earphone while the music is playing3. Next/Previous: Tap the right earphone thrice to move access to the next audio file, and the left earbud thrice to return access to the previous audio file. Call Operation 1. Answer a Call/Hang Up: Double-tap the touch panel to answer a call, or double-tap again to hang up.2. Reject Call: Long press the touch panel for two seconds and release after hearing a prompt tone.3. Switch between mobile phones/phones: Press and hold the touch panel for 2 seconds during a call.4. Answering an Incoming Call while on a Call/Hang Up: Double-tap the touch panel while on a call to pick up an incoming call, long-press the touch panel for a second to hang up.5. Switching Between Three Party Call: Long press the touch panel for two seconds to switch between calls. Launch Voice Assistant1. Start the voice assistant: Tap on the touch panel 4 times while connected to your device to call on Google Assistant2. Exist the voice assistant: Tap on the touch panel 4 times to exist See Also: TECNO Buds1 UnboxingRead all >>


TECNO SPOT GH | 2021-04-047696

Camon 16 Series
Happy Easter | Stress less and enjoy the best!. Hope your Easter will be egg-stra special! Cheers and a happy celebration! #TECNOGhana #EasterSunday #HappyEaster Read all >>

TECNO Buds1 Overview

ahiadzro | 2021-03-313840115

This post was last edited by ahiadzro at 2021-3-31 07:45 TECNO buds1 is a fashionable, smart, and portable true wireless earbuds that provide purer bass and cinema-level stereo sound effects, compiled with powerful functions which are highly compatible with any TECNO device. It is designed to provide hands-free convenience when making calls, listening to music, or watching movies. Its unique touch controls offer a number of smart switching operations for receiving calls, triggering AI assistance, skipping, pausing or playing songs, and so much more. The earbuds feature a smart pop-up interface for instant pairing via Bluetooth 5.0 with a latency performance that is excellent for gaming. It is equipped with a lightweight high-efficiency charging case, that it's sturdy enough to be easily tossed into your pocket. Interestingly, not only do the earbuds offer an unstoppable music experience lasting 4 hours or more, but the powerful combination of both earbuds and charging box brings free enjoyment for more than 12 hours. It also has an IPX4 rating, which means it's sweatproof or splash resistant. The TECNO buds1 is packed with a charging box, USB charging cable, user manual, and silicone ear tips that push into your ear canal to provide noise cancellation by blocking ambient sound from the environment while keeping you dancing and productive. Surprisingly, for just GH₵99, you could own the TECNO buds1, click here for the nearest accredited shops near you! Note: For the best listening experience, turn off your audio equalizer. See Also: TECNO Buds 1- Operations and Functions Read all >>

Android System WebView: All You Need to Know

ahiadzro | 2021-03-2681405

This post was last edited by ahiadzro at 2021-3-27 01:39 Android WebView is a system component powered by Chrome that allows Android apps to display web content. This component is pre-installed on your device and should be kept up to date to ensure you have the latest security updates and other bug fixes. Should I delete it? No, it’s not possible to uninstall Android System Webview app from an Android device because this app allows the showing of web content that is developed by the chrome browser. You can disable this app temporarily, not permanently. It takes effect when you click on a link within an app like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Why do you need Andriod System WebViews? 1. It provides better control over your application’s user interface (UI). 2. Web views allow cross-platform development resulting in reduced development cost, along with the flexibility to a developer. 3. You don’t get pushed onto another 3rd party application, rather an in-app browser pulls the content from the web for you. Read all >>


TECNO SPOT GH | 2021-03-2911571

It's another Grind week, Be fast or Be last! Be like the gaming beast #POVA. #No buffering and unreason long-time loading. With the MediaTek Helio G80 of #POVA it's always Game ON and More Wins #GiantPowerSuperFast. Grab this monster for GHS 1,079 in accredited #TECNO shops. #TECNOGhana Read all >>

How to Rename the Hipods-H2

TECNO SPOT GH | 2021-03-257631

Hello T-fans. As a part of our culture in ensuring a rich user experience via the flexibility of customizing and personalizing products of the TECNO brand, here’s how to rename the Hipods-H2. • Connect your Device to the Hipods-H2 via Bluetooth: To do so, power on the Hipods-H2 by long pressing on the Touch Panel for 3 seconds. On your device, long press on the bluetooth icon on the notification bar to access "connected devices" via settings. Tap on Bluetooth>Pair New Devices>TECNO Hipods-H2>Pair. • Renaming your Connected Device: To rename the Hipods-H2 after connectivity to your device via bluetooth as explained, tap on the back button to access "connected devices" via settings or long press on the bluetooth icon on the notification bar. Tap on the settings cog at the extreme right next to TECNO Hipods-H2 and on the next page, tap on the pen at the extreme right to rename the Hipods-H2. Input a name of choice (e.g My Earbuds) on the next screen and tap on "rename" to complete the process. Please note that the directorys above is referenced to the TECNO CAMON 15 and may be slightly different on other devices of theTECNO Brand. Read all >>

How to Quickly Access your Favorite File with File Manager

ahiadzro | 2021-01-060632

This post was last edited by ahiadzro at 2021-1-5 20:38 Tecno Mobile's file manager is a powerful file manager with a simple user interface that supports multiple routine operations. It supports exclusive file classification of WhatsApp and Messenger, as well as audio, video, images, applications, documents, Bluetooth, zips and downloads to help you easily manage your phone. It also has other amazing functions such as an easy way to clean or free up space on your phone. How to Create a Shotcut of your Favourite File 1. Open File Manager on your device 2. Tap on More as shown in the screenshot above 3. Tap on the Plus Icon below the collection of the document section 4. Select either your internal storage or your SD card. 5. Choose your favourite file and tap on OK. Voila, you are done! NOTE: To quickly gain access to your favourite file, just tap on More and select your favourite file after the procedure above. To also edit your favourite file, tap on your selected file for a while to delete or rename them.If you don't have a file manager on your device, click here to download Read all >>

Vaccines - Learn How They Work

ahiadzro | 2021-03-153379

Learn about how vaccines work in 45 seconds below! Credit: WHO Read all >>

How to Boot your Device into Safe Mode

ahiadzro | 2020-12-061711

This post was last edited by ahiadzro at 2020-12-6 12:58 Safe Mode is simply another way to troubleshoot on Android devices. This feature temporarily disables third-party apps from running on your device. For example, if you want to diagnose issues such as frequent app crashes then safe mode could be useful to you or if you notice significant speed improvements while your device is in safe mode, you can assume one of your apps could be a cause of your lagging issues. How to Enable Safe Mode 1. Simply tap on your power button for a while in an attempt to shut or restart your device 2. On the shutdown screen, tap and hold your finger on the HiOS Logo for a while 3. After a while, you would be greeted with a pop-up message, Reboot to Safe Mode. 4. Click on Okay to enable safe mode How to Disable Safe Mode To disable safe mode, kindly restart your device Note: Rebooting into safe mode would disable all third-party apps installed leaving you with only system apps on your device Read all >>

How to Enable Magic Button with Game Mode

ahiadzro | 2020-11-304940

This post was last edited by ahiadzro at 2020-11-30 07:53 Magic Button allows you to map the functions on the screen to the physical volume buttons, thus customizing the function of the volume buttons for games. How to Enable Game Mode 1. To make sure Game Mode works perfectly, navigate your way to the Settings and click on Game Mode as shown in the screenshots above. 2. Tap on Game Management and select your desired Games on your device for Game Mode optimization. 3. Pulldown your Quick Settings menu and tap on Game Mode or turn on Game Mode from the Game Mode settings. How to Map your Desired Volume Button as a Magic Button 1. After the following steps above, launch your desired game and slide your hand from the edges of your screen to toggle on your Game Mode panel. 2. Select Magic Button from the Game Mode Smart Panel as shown above. 3. Select either to use your Volume Up key or Volume Down key as your Magic Button and tap on Next. 4. Now long press and drag the '+' or '-' to your desired fire or trigger button and click on Done. This might take some time getting used to but you would be in for some happy gaming moments. Note: After enabling the Magic Button, your volume button would now be your trigger button and be disabled to adjusting volumes. To adjust your volume, bring up the Game Mode Smart Panel and slide the volume up or down. To also disable the Magic button, bring up the Game Mode Smart Panel, tap on Magic Button and toggle it off Read all >>

POVA Unboxing and Durability Test

ahiadzro | 2020-12-072563

This post was last edited by ahiadzro at 2020-12-8 19:49 Unlike any other unboxing or durability test, this actually includes a drop and water resistance test of a different kind. Leaving you impressed and in a state of awe! Caution: Don't try this at home. Intentionally or accidentally damaging your phone is not covered by warranty. See Also: 1. Camon 16 Water Resistance Test 2. Phone Warranty: All You Need To Know 3. Carlcare Services: All You Need to Know Read all >>


TECNO SPOT GH | 2021-02-23162897

Spark Month Promo is ON!! Visit any TECNO accredited shop nationwide and enjoy this offer on the SPARK GO AND SPARK 5 PRO! Grab#Spark5Pro(4+128GB) at Ghs 869 and Spark 5 Go at GHS 590 and win a free gift. Click HERE for a list of TECNO accredited shops. #TECNOGhana Read all >>
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