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How to recover accidentally deleted files from Google Sheets, Docs and Drive

Activities  |  2020-7-19 02:31 TECNO IN5 6453

Hello T-Fans,

This must have happened with you where you have accidentally deleted some important files or documents saved on Google word processing services or Drive. The moment you realise that you’ve deleted the wrong file.

If that is the case with you, Google gives users the option to recover deleted files and documents saved on Google Drive.

In the case of Google Drive, all the deleted files first find their space in the Trash section of the service and after a set time period, those files are automatically deleted. From the same place, users can also restore the deleted files. Here is how you can restore them:-

First things first, it is important to note that all the files and documents from Google Docs, Sheets and Slides get saved on Google Drive. These files and documents can also be accessed, deleted and recovered using Google Drive. Also note that this process will also work if you have intentionally deleted something from Drive and want to recover it later.

Steps to recover deleted files and documents

1. Head to Google Drive


2. From the left panel, click on Trash option


3. Look for the files you want to recover and right-click on that


4. You can also select multiple files at once in case you want to restore more than one file

5. Now, choose the option Restore

Your deleted files are now recovered and can be found under My Drive section.

If you have any Query or Suggestions then please let us know in Comment Section.
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michaelpears 5 #

Go to the page from where the file got deleted; Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides.
Open the hamburger menu from the top left corner and Select Drive.
In Drive, again open the hamburger menu and select Trash.
Look for the file you deleted accidentally and right-click on it.
Select the Restore option and the file will be restored to the location where it was deleted from.
I also work with Google sheets, and I would like to recommend you this site https://www.coupler.io/integrations, which allows the integration of other apps to google sheets and to import the data you need.
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Mhiztafila 4 #

Great ideal
2020-7-19 16:50 Like(1)

Mhiztafila 3 #

Great ideal
2020-7-19 16:50 Like(1)

JamesGbenga 2 #

2020-7-19 03:08 Like(1)

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