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TECNO Mobile Weekly Tip #1 How to charge your phone correctly

Q&A  |  2020-7-20 06:13 14417624

Dear T-fans,

We are launching a new series to answer for all of the problems you have encountered during using TECNO phones.
We have collected the most frequently asked questions and we will provide tutorials for each question and update weekly.
What to do when you forget passwords and couldn’t unlock your TECNO device?
How to charge your phone properly to make your battery last longer?
Let’s get started !
1. Do not charge your new device overnight, charge it to 100% and then unplug it to the charger. Charging for too long might cause battery explosion.

2. Try not charge your new device right away. Charge it fully until the battery is less than 20%, in this way you can extend the battery life.

3. Charge your new device with the original charger. Non-original charger may hurt your phone due to the inconsistency of material and potential product safety issues.

4. Every week there better be at least 1 time of power discharge, which means to use the device till the power display shows less than 10% then charge it fully. This is 1 of the most effective ways to maintain battery life.

Answered by TECNO product manager Watson,

Hope it will be helpful to you all:-D

Have a nice day guys!

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32380923 100 #

my only problem with techno phone is battery
2021-11-2 12:09 Like(0)

RameezRaja121 99 #

There is a spark or blinks fastly charging light when charge and better never increase plzzzz*zzzzzzzzzz guid me
2021-10-8 02:12 Like(0)

ts32144242 98 #

How to show notch area in any application and game property? #tecno_pova2
2021-9-26 21:41 Like(0)

31969163 97 #

please help I dont know why it suddenly hang up and forced closed the game i played then can't even return back unless I'm located to a fewer crowd or if the boss were killed already... btw the game i played was ragnarok X next gen... please help.. my phone is tecno camon 17 pro.
2021-8-31 18:48 Like(0)

31573354 96 #

how can I change my tecno pop2 power from 3G to 4G
2021-6-21 13:44 Like(0)

aawara 95 #

2021-6-14 05:39 Like(0)

Choi Khan Ta 94 #

And if one Has Tecno Copy And corrupted System is there any codes to reset all System to Normal Tecno F1
2021-6-6 22:18 Like(1)

Charlan 93 #

my techno spark 6 cannot download apps using WiFi in google play store what should I do?
2021-5-26 04:28 Like(1)

ts241192898 92 #

My issue is now off late when im charging my phone it's ether reduce the percentage of the battery and sometimes when you plug in the charger the percentage won't move please what's causing that and when I no the data the battery reduce very fast
2021-5-21 20:52 Like(1)

31329322 91 #

mine has been switching off by itself then switch on by itself,very inconveniencing ????????
2021-5-11 23:42 Like(1)



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