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Is It Safe To Use Earphones While The Phone Is Charging? (1)

Health  |  2020-7-22 06:21 14953

HI TFANS The question of whetherusing earphones while charging your phone is safe or not has been asked so manytimes by users of mobile phones. This is probably because of a number ofincidents of electrocution and deaths that have been ascribed to using mobile phoneswhile charging it.

Popular opinion is thatit is quite safe and harmless so long as you have a charger and phoneaccessories (earphones, in this case) that are in good working conditions and youare far away from water. You getting electrocuted by merely using yourearphones while charging is very unlikely. But in the case that it happens, itis usually a case of the bad charger or using the wrong charger for your phoneas I have said before.

Chargers for modernphones are designed in a way that AC mains voltage is automatically convertedto the amount of voltage required to power the phone (usually -5V). Anon-genuine charger may not provide the same amount of voltage as your originalphone charger. Some may as well be of a higher voltage than your phone canhandle. It is also recommended that you lay off cheap chargers.

Using a bad charger couldbe very bad for your health and the health of your phone. It does thefollowing:

·        It causes overheating while charging
·        It may harm your device battery which inturn affects the overall performance of your device.
·        It may send the wrong amount of currentthat may result in an explosion

Personally, I think it isnot so good an option for the following reasons:
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First, it slows down thecharging speed of your phone and ultimately damages the phone, seeing as longercharging time can potentially damage your phone's battery.
Second, it makes it easyfor the motherboard of the phone to be affected or even damaged.
So if you want to useyour phone for much longer, you should definitely lay off using your phonewhile it charges.
Similarly, it could bedangerous to use your earphone while charging because electricity is easilyconducted from the electric socket to the earphones especially if your chargingplug is faulty. I remember at one point I was seeing a movie on my tablet withmy earphones and I had run out of battery, luckily for me, power was restoredalmost immediately so I made to plug in my tablet and continue the movie.

Immediately I fixed theearphones in my ear, I felt a piercing shock where the metallic part of the earphonemet with my ears and removed it immediately. I later discovered that theearphone was faulty.

Also, there have beencases of the explosion of mobile phones breaking the news. For instance, thenews (early this year) about  17-year oldBrazilian, Luiza Pinheiro, who was said to have been electrocuted when shereceived a phone call with her earphones in her ears while she was charging herphone.

It was reported thatelectricity passed through her phone, through the earphones, her ears and thenhit her brain almost immediately.  Shewas found on the floor in her room with her phone melted while still plugged,and her earphones melted in her ears. She was confirmed dead at the hospital.What a painful way to lose one's life.

While mobile phones arean integral part of our lives, we are at great risk as cell phones have thepotential to cause certain types of cancer and health problems. Cell phonesemit harmful radio waves also known as radiation from their antennas. Hence,the body parts that are closer to the antenna absorb the radiation that isemitted from the phone.

World Health Organization on May 31st, 2011,reported that the electromagnetic fields emitted by mobile phones areclassified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, as havingpotentials to be carcinogenic. According to a news report by Times of India in2012, five people at a school for the blind in Mumbai were diagnosed withcancer without a family history of such diagnosis.

Also, the school’scaretaker went down with cancer. After six cancer reports were made in threeyears. It was believed that the 10 cell phone towers surrounding the schoolwere the cause. They then began protesting against the cell phone towers.

An Interphone Studyreport in 2010 mentioned that excessive users of mobile phones have a doubledrisk of developing a brain tumor. At the end of this article, I will mentionsome measures you can use to reduce the amount of radiation your body absorbs.

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Thanks for the information,was helpful.
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This is very true.Some people can't just do a minute without their earphones or earpods.Maybe they've forgotten that it damages the ear drum, but using it while charging is really extreme.
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