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CONTINUATION: s It Safe To Use Earphones While The Phone Is Charging? (2)

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Every mobile phone has the possibility of exploding. When you notice that your battery looks bigger than usual, then its time to change your battery as refusal or delay in changing it might put you at risk of an explosion on your phone. I will share with you some of the deadliest mobile phone explosions recorded.  In 2017, 24-year-old Indian male died after his mobile phone exploded while it was being charged.

Unfortunately for him, he was using the phone while it was charging. The explosion caused him severe burn injuries on his chest and hand. He was confirmed dead by the community health center where he was rushed to, while unconscious.

Similarly, in 2011, although this wasn’t a case of an explosion, it was pretty close. An anonymous Galaxy S2 Skyrocket user posted online about feeling his leg burning up with sounds coming from his phone, (which was in his pocket). He said the phone was already transmitting smoke when he took it out. Once again, it is not advisable to use your phone while it is charging.


Wearing earphones while charging your phone puts you at risk of getting brain damage because of radiation emission and in the case that electricity is conducted. While the quantity of electricity is relatively low, the radiation contained will more or less affect the brain.

On the other hand, using your earphones for calls WHILE it is NOT CHARGING is advisable as it helps reduce the amount of radiation that goes to your head.

The cellphone is fast becoming the new cigarette. Although harmful, many people seem to overlook it until it becomes a problem over time. Cell phone radiation is worse than smoking itself because one can not see it nor smell it. It's killing your health and you don’t even know it. Trust me, it can’t get much worse than that.

However, this doesn’t mean we stop using cell phones. To reduce the amount of radiation your body absorbs, you could get an anti-radiation phone case like the pong case. In the absence of a pong case, however, there are certain precautions we should take while using our mobile phones.

    Reduce the amount of time you spend on your phone

This is a given. If you want to reduce the side effects of a thing, reduce the amount of time you devote to it. Do not keep your cell phone in your pocket or hold it for long. Also, when not in use, keep your phone away from you. Better still, put it on airplane mode

    Avoid making long phone calls, if possible, text instead

When you make phone calls, your phone is placed directly against your head. This is dangerous as your head absorbs the radiation emitted by the phone during the call. And if it’s a call that lasts for almost an hour? Much worse. When you text, the phone is in your hands, a distance away from your body hence its preference. You could also switch sides of the head as you make calls

    Keep cell phone at a distance, at least one foot from your body

Most people put their phones in their breast pockets or in the pocket of their trousers. One thing we should know is that the phone emits radiation at all times, and sometimes more than the other(like during a call and when you have a low battery). It is preferable to put your phone in your bag. Also, Do not sleep with your phone under your pillow or close to your head.

    Prefer speakerphone or use a hands-free

Using speakerphone or a hands-free also creates a distance between your head and the powerhouse of radiation which in this case, is your phone.

    Low battery

Never use your smartphone when the battery is low, as it’s then the emission of radiation is on the high.

    During the call connection

The phone emits the most radiation at the initial point of connection when you make a call and lowers when the call is connected. Do not place the phone by your war immediately you dial a number. Instead, wait until the connection is established before doing so. Also, avoid using your phone when the signal is low. At this point, the phone increases its transmitting power while trying to connect to the nearest cell phone tower. As a result, radiation is very high.

For better health and as safety precautionary measures, It is advisable that you avoid using your earphones for anything while it is plugged to electricity, and take to all the precautions (geared towards reducing the absorption of radiation) on this article.

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