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Send your selfie to meet everyone~

TECNO Boys  |  2020-7-24 06:05 574129

Hi T-Fans~
How are you these days? Through all those activities we have known a lot creative guys on TECNO SPOT. SO this week, we arranged an activity to give you “COOL” guys award~ Wanna be noticed by more people on T-SPOT? You can try to be a T-Boy!
“T-Boy” is to select those people with technology knowledge, inspiring ideas and some unique skills.
The guys who get the most polls will be called “T-Boy” and receive our surprise gift pack. Here, “T” represents both TECNO and Technology. And this week, we want a creative selfie with your TECNO mobile phones to show your features. We encourage all kinds of ideas, and the listed ones are some examples for reference.
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So how to join the selection of “T-Boys”? The activity contains two phase: the first one need the competitors to create a thread in “T-Boy” forum and post his creative selfie. The next step is voting. We will select the people based on Likes, comments and ideas and let all you guys vote for the “T-Boys” in your eyes!
No time for waiting! The phase 1 is starting today. After 7.31, we will announce the list for others to vote. Do you think you are the coolest one? Prove it for us~

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tipkofirst 40 #

2021-6-21 09:50 Like(0)

Yung 6ix 39 #

Hi everyone
2021-6-15 10:37 Like(0)

Rich and famous 38 #

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Rich and famous 37 #

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25198035909777408 34 #

dark mode yes tecno camon
2021-1-5 18:13 Like(0)

Pheny 33 #

camon 15 series
2021-1-2 16:08 Like(0)

30303105 32 #

2020-12-22 15:31 Like(0)

30236640 31 #

here we go....... superb selfie
2020-12-1 02:50 Like(0)

30128592 30 #

hi...pls I wan to track a stolen Tecno phone
2020-11-27 05:54 Like(0)

ts08022439365 29 #

???? wow so cool ????
2020-10-13 23:38 Like(0)



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