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You can play 'Doom' inside 'Minecraft' using a virtual PC

General  |  2020-7-26 12:36 TECNO KD7h 84701


The quest to make devices play Doom has extended to gadgets inside other games. Reddit user uDrunkMate has

succeeded (via The Verge ) in playing

Doom inside Minecraft thanks to a recently developed mod, VM Computers, that can run Windows 95 inside Mojang’s creative title. You need to order virtual computer parts and place an ISO into the right

Minecraft subfolder, but it works. It’s even possible to play decently, although you probably wouldn’t want to to try a high difficulty level.

There are some compromises apart from having to play on a screen within a screen. It’s not going to have the frame rate you’d expect, and mods for Doom itself might be impractical. You can also forget about playing Minecraft inside Minecraft in the near future. Even running Windows XP or Ubuntu Linux is “laggy,” according to uDrunkMate, let alone a game meant for reasonably modern computers.

Still, this is a testament to the

flexibility of Minecraft mods . It also shows just how powerful computers have become — a first-person shooter that required the full attention of a PC in 1993 now only needs a fraction of the resources.
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michaelpears 6 #

I play Minecraft for a few years, but I had no idea that it is possible to play 'Doom' inside the game.
Maybe you consider Minecraft as just another video game, but for me, it is a wonderful and outstanding game that helped me to develop imagination, creativity, and designing skills.
Now, I have a four-year son, and I want to teach him how to play Minecraft as I consider this game as the only useful video game in the world.
By the way, for those who had troubles with finding cool servers to play on, you may check this site minecraft.buzz.
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fb242160152801 5 #

Wow! This news is just amazing! I have so many nostalgic memories of the Doom game because it was the first game my older brother showed me. We spent so many nights playing it while our parents thought that we were sleeping. The game is a legend and I couldn't imagine that it's possible to combine it with Minecraft! I want to play it so hard even on a low difficulty level! BTW, I had some trouble recently playing Minecraft. One of my friends is living in the UK and he couldn't connect to the service to play with me. I've read on Reddit about paying Minecraft hosting and I think I should try it.
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275387802674 4 #

hi do you have GTA SA
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Patterns 3 #

Nice  one.
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Hoilakes 2 #

woooow this is good
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