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[Gaming King July Week4] The Weekly gaming King Competition Begins! Win Weekly, Win Big!

AHA Games  |  2020-7-26 23:17 12021288

Dear T - fans
The weekly Gaming-King is here!
We are hosting weekly gaming-king contests, where the weekly gaming-king will have the chance to compete for the grand prize at the end of the year (Cash +Tecno mobile)!
Winner of the Grand Prize will gets the latest Pouvoir smart phone (In India, goes by the name Spark Power Series).

Week 4 time schedule: 0727~0802
This week's game name: Rolling World

Activity Prizes:
1. The total prize pool is $50, and there are 5 winners.
2. $20 for the 1st person and $7.50 for the 2nd to 5th people.

To Find the game: Open AHA Games→Search BarRolling World

Rules for this week:
1. Follow the AHA Games section on T-Spot.
2. Log in the AHA Games app every day and take screenshots of the login page.
3. If you already have the assigned game installed on your phone, make sure to delete it and install it again so that the score would start from 0.
4. On the first day of  the competition (July 27th) , take a screenshot in Rolling World with your score being 0. (This is to ensure everyone starts from the same level)
5. Play the assigned game (Rolling World) in 'endless mode only' everyday and keep on building up your score
6. Write comments for different games everyday and take the screenshot of  your comments everyday.  
7. On the last day of the competition (August 02) take a screenshot of your highest (best) score in Rolling World. This is the score and level you’ve build up playing through the week
8. To be clear, what you need to post are:
       A. On July 27th: A screenshot of score 0
       B. July 27th - August 2nd: Your login page, and comments on your favorite Games
       C. August 2nd: your best score in endless mode ( best score in endless mode only) in Rolling World
9. Your posts must be made in TECNO SPOT→AHA Games, using the Gaming King Competition tag (#GamingKing July Week 4).
Please abide by the rules of the activity, otherwise you will be deemed to have given up.
Once found cheating, you can disqualify yourself from the election.

Award selection rules:
1. Open AHA Games to write comments for different games everyday and post screenshots every day.
2. Play the assigned game everyday and post your best score screenshot(best score in endless mode only) at the end of the competition.
3. The highest (best) score during the activity, together with daily comments made, will be the only indicators for the award.
This week’s winners will be announced next Wednesday.

1. Please make sure you have installed the latest version of AHA Games, if not, Click on the attachment to Install AHA Games
2. To keep up to date on the Competition, please join the AHA Games community:

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275360026405 110 #

cool when does it start
2020-8-9 06:35 Like(0)

Ibrash 109 #

when are you guys gonna post the winners for rolling world?
2020-8-5 09:06 Like(0)

Temmydaryor 108 #

Pls who know the winner for rolling world
2020-8-5 02:24 Like(0)

M Yaseen Saifi 107 #

2020-8-4 03:52 Like(0)

M Yaseen Saifi 106 #

2020-8-4 03:52 Like(0)

M Yaseen Saifi 105 #

today's starting report
2020-8-3 03:07 Like(0)

263964777868 104 #

#GamingKing July Week 4
2020-8-3 01:36 Like(0)

Olatunde Olu J 103 #

Pencils up! I've seen mad scores here already! Gamers are on fire!
2020-8-2 19:04 Like(1)

263964777868 102 #

#GamingKing July Week 4
2020-8-2 15:49 Like(0)

276500398070 101 #

2020-8-2 15:35 Like(0)

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