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Tecno HiPods-H2 launched in India, starting at RS 1,999.

General  |  2020-7-27 06:10 10494

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Hello T-Fans,
Earlier this month, Tecno mobile announced the launch of the TECNO Hipods H2, its first True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Bluetooth earbuds. It comes with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, 120ms low latency mode, environmental noise cancellation technology, smart touch controls and IPX4 water resistance to protect it against sweat during workouts.

The HiPods H2 also has a Smart Pop-Up interface for instant pairing on some latest Tecno device (probably HiOS 6) which makes it connect as soon as the charging case is opened.



The HiPods H2 is now available in India starting from RS 1,999 (~$27), hoping to launch in more countries in few months time.

Model: H2

Name: Hipods-H2

Weight: 55.8g mm


Battery specification:541011# 43mAh *2

Playing time:about 4.5 hours(maximum volume) about 6 hours(60% volume)

Standby time:about 30 hours

Charging time:<2 hours

Charging current: 35mA

Voice prompt:prompt tone
Are you ready to start using the new HiPods-H2? Do you wish to see more in Tecno's Ecosystem? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below and don't forget to leave a like and also follow me on T-Spot for more on HiPods-H2.

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275809057288 8 #

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  • kamiss : Reply@±223 78314864

    2020-7-30 07:17

_goody_ 7 #

2020-7-29 13:15 Like(2)

Mhiztafila 6 #

can't  wait to have mine
2020-7-29 08:19 Like(1)

Mhiztafila 5 #

really impressive
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akindeleibrahim 4 #

How can i get one
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272317330675Ajlouni 3 #

what this app
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ts705682409 2 #

how can one acquire them
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  • OKayode : I heard it's available on Amazon.... But it's yet to launch in Nigeria

    2020-7-30 08:00



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