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TECNO Device User Guidance #3 Speed up Our Phones!

Q&A  |  2020-7-28 04:22 5013578

Dear T-fans,
We are launching a new series to answer for all of the problems you have encountered during using TECNO phones.
We have collected the most frequently asked questions and we will provide tutorials for each question and update weekly.
Many people may be bothered by the slow speed of a old mobile phone. Actually, the reason is complex, so that we should know more about our phones to deal with it. This time we will talk about how to make our phones work fluently.
Let's get started!
There are three main reasons making mobile phones jam:
1. Insufficient RAM(Random access memory)
This is the main reason. As mobile phone apps increase, users will often use them, so that each opened program will occupy a part of the RAM. If the mobile phone’s RAM is relatively small, there is only a small amount of RAM left, so that the mobile phone system cannot work fluently.
Perhaps some users have doubts that it is normal for opened apps to stuck the phone, but sometimes when the apps are shut down, RAM is still occupied. As for this problem, actually it derives from Android's memory-recovery mechanism. Every interface in android phones is bound to an Activity, which has its own period. Every time when an activity is overwritten by another activity, it is suspended until it is destroyed and releases memory. A lot of other apps use service to process background tasks, and it's also convenient for opening apps quickly. When the user exits the apps, the service is still running in the background, occupying memory.
2. Occupy too much storage
When the mobile phone is used for a long time, there will be a large amount of storage space occupied, some of which are log files left after the apps are opened, some are downloaded cache data, and some are the data downloaded by the users, such as music, video, pictures and so on. There are also some downloads of the installation package, the apps residue data after unloading and so on. When the storage space is occupied in large quantities, it will cause the system files and application apps to load slowly. Then the loading time will become longer, bringing a feeling  that the mobile phone becomes slower.

BUT, you don't have to worry. There are also some solution for that!
1.Use the Phone Master of Android phones
Phone Master has two very useful functions: one is RAM cleaning, which can clean up the RAM that has not been released after exiting the apps, so that the RAM can be vacated for the system to use, providing users a smoother feeling. The other is garbage file cleaning, which can speed up the system to load file and improve the system running speed.
8cc89fbe6b88d07d391cefc4fdf22ec.png 2e6af0b61a4182f563b3cc5f0929be9.png
2. Unload apps that you don't need
For Android phones, unloading apps just need to long press the icon on the screen, then drag to the top unloading area.
3. If the phone jams seriously, you can backup the phone data and restore.

This answer is edited by TECNO product manager Watson. Hopefully it is helpful for you~
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31757172 37 #

how can change Ringtones from the original ones found in phone
2021-7-24 06:10 Like(0)

31573354 36 #

I have a problem with the phone master, the message keeps on telling me that the phone master is using the battery why?
2021-6-21 13:34 Like(1)

31447030 35 #

2021-5-30 22:56 Like(0)

8108083269 34 #

I've never seen a stupid trash phone like TECNO! Buying TECNO phones is just like putting your money into trash, You will put good money like ₦40,000 or even 50 buy phone but you will realise that the stupid phone has small RAM, I'm switching to iPhone or Huawei mobile, I will never buy TECNO phones again in my life, they're totally waste of money!
2021-4-25 19:38 Like(0)

30980847 33 #

please Good evening, I'm using Tecno spark 4 kc8 and the screen got broken please where can I get the nearest shop to fix it
2021-3-22 17:04 Like(0)

24799840328259584 32 #

I have been using techno mobile since 2015 but, I always get the same problem. the charging system always became the problem of each techno mobile phone I buy. you should also upgrade the mather board and ice for charging systems of techno
2021-3-21 12:31 Like(1)

30979696 31 #

I am amaze this phone.
2021-3-21 10:25 Like(0)

ts30967570 30 #

میرے موبائل کی انٹرنیٹ سپیڈ دوسرے ٹیکنو موبائلز سے کن کم کیوں ہے
2021-3-19 14:33 Like(1)

ts8028958195 29 #

The phone master app itself clogs the ram more than most apps. If the baked-in ads could be reduced, perhaps it would work more seemlessly.
2021-2-22 14:28 Like(1)



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