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Tethering Via Bluetooth

General  |  2020-7-29 20:20 2479

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Hello T-fans.
Quite a lot of us are familiar with tethering having to do with WiFi,and Hotspot, but only a few know that you can do same strictly via Bluetooth alone.

For those who may not know, tethering on Android allows you share your mobile device internet connection with other connected devices. Such connections can either be done over wireless connectivity involving WiFi or via physical connection (a USB cable).

These possibility has been stretched even further, allowing for such via Bluetooth. To do this on your Tecno device, first you need to ensure your mobile data is turned, and then proceed to "Settings">"Network & Internet">"Hotspot & Tethering">"Bluetooth Tethering" (toggle the switch to the right to activate).


Now here's a trick to this whole thing that I've noticed. For your device to be visible, allowing pairing with whatever device you would want to share your internet connectivity with via Bluetooth, after carrying out the steps above involving "Bluetooth Tethering", you must use the back button/return button to return to "Settings", and then proceed to>"Connected Devices">"Bluetooth" for it to be visible to the other device you would want to pair with.


Once done, all you need to do is search for your device via Bluetooth from the other you would want to pair with. For successful connectivity, you would need to grant access to the whole process by clicking on "Pair & Connect" on receiving the  notification below.


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nice info
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