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Hello T-Fans,
The Inadvertently mode is a feature most of us have seen on our phone. Surprisingly, many don’t know what it does or its usefulness. We just see it and probably turn it on for no reason. Well, in this thread, we are going to be discussing the feature and what it means.

Imagine you gently put your phone in your pocket without locking it and you later bring it out only to discover that a lot of buttons have been pressed while in your pocket and different functions and apps have been opened or operated. You panic!


What is Inadvertently mode?
This is a feature that automatically shuts off or temporarily disables a phone screen when it comes in close contact with any surface. This is to prevent the phone from dialing or pressing anything on the screen. There is a sensor responsible for this. This is the proximity sensor. It is the same sensor responsible for switching off your phone screen when your phone is placed near your ear during a call.

Why is Inadvertently Mode Important?
Just like in the example we gave earlier, your phone in your bag or pocket could do anything ranging from dialing a call, deleting all contacts or SMS, taking pictures, etc. We have had lots of users complain of their device dialing calls by itself in their pocket or having all their photos deleted in their bag. So, it is advisable to activate this feature on your device at all times.

How to Activate Inadvertently Mode
Activating this feature is very simple. Just click on Display and select Inadvertently Mode.

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amaizing mode
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