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T-Fans Daily Topic #2 Changes by Mobiles

Lifestyle  |  2020-8-3 22:56 7415

Hi T-Fans~
Today our daily topic continue to hear about your voice. And this time, we want to know about your opinion about the ordern world~

Topic of today: Which part of your daily life is changed by mobile phones? Tell us your view or story!

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abiel_nat 6 #

capturing photos,like sky or heaven or some odd thing or views
2020-8-9 12:22 Like(1)

Obigwe 5 #

Photography, my heartbeat
2020-8-8 14:51 Like(0)

selaw 4 #

I think I can do everything with mobile phone If not too exaggerated ,from learning different stuffs which is not limited to practicalizing them without breaking the bank and also generating a source of income.
To be sincere SMARTPHONE is a BLESSING,I must add.
2020-8-7 19:08 Like(1)

Tomvad 3 #

Photography! I can say it over and over again..
2020-8-4 06:59 Like(1)
  • TECNO SPOT : That's good, taking beautiful scenes around us

    2020-8-4 22:19

Mhiztafila 2 #

Al camera
2020-8-4 02:12 Like(1)



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