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Vote for the T-Boy & T-Girl in your eyes~

Activities  |  2020-8-5 06:34 22114291

Has ended
Hi T-Fans! mmexport1595908329659.jpg
Last week we launched T-Boys & T-Girls selection. After fully consideration, we select these users as the candidates of T-Boy and T-Girl!
We want people with positive attitude and creativeness who comply with our spirit~ So who is the correct one in your eyes? We want your participation! Select two of them, and make your choices!
After the picture is the user name of it! Be careful~
1. Bolademi1 104212gldwwlsfslmxtxqs.png
2. winiusman
3. ts7013507125
4. _goody_
5. Hoilakes 130546xjlt82l111lltllt.jpg
6. Fatimah

Vote for the T-Boy & T-Girl in your eyes~ (Choose 2)

  • Bolademi1
    690 17.38%
  • winiusman
    107 2.69%
  • ts7013507125
    1128 28.41%
  • _goody_
    323 8.13%
  • Hoilakes
    1207 30.40%
  • Fatimah
    516 12.99%

A total of people voted Has ended

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Benjamin Lopez 182 #

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282103224008 180 #

hi guys I am rizona sparta
2020-9-1 12:05 Like(0)

280878441328 179 #

2020-8-26 06:02 Like(0)

278867714908 178 #

2020-8-20 02:15 Like(0)

275360026405 177 #

2020-8-19 06:19 Like(0)

Paulkei 176 #

2020-8-16 07:27 Like(0)

pasto 175 #

4 goody
2020-8-10 09:46 Like(3)

_goody_ 174 #

It wasn't easy at all, the struggle was much. Friends became rivals cos everyone wants to win, it was a cool experience. I'll won't lie, I feel so sad right now, but it's all good cos there's always a winner and those that didn't win. And I wasn't lucky to be that winner. Well congratulations in advance to HOILAKES and BOLADEMI1 you guys did so well. And to other competitors you all tried your best. Thanks to TECNO for this opportunity ❤️ Hope they'll be more.
2020-8-10 04:05 Like(10)
  • ts7013507125 : lol, it was a competition, expect more of its kind, wins Coming our way

    2020-8-11 19:36

  • Yugee : don't worry you may be luck next time

    2020-8-11 04:43

  • GLITZZZZZ : matured mind...LOL

    2020-8-10 10:01

_goody_ 173 #

Well, this was first time in a competition on TSPOT, I will say it wasn't easy looking for a lot of people to vote for you, sending a lot of Messages via different social media, getting a lot of relieving replies eg "Ok I'll vote for you" and getting some other itching replies eg "who are you and why should I vote for you" or "send me some of your pictures and I'll vote for you" or "if you aren't a Muslim I won't vote for you or if you aren't a Christian i won't vote for you"  to be continued...
2020-8-10 03:57 Like(10)
  • God loves me : I know what you're talking about sis. it's very true oo. hmmm but one day it will shine for us ok

    2020-8-16 20:04

  • ts7013507125 : dont stress it, I believe u

    2020-8-12 17:37

  • _goody_ : I can show you some chats, and you'll know I'm not lying

    2020-8-12 06:19

  • ts7013507125 : be pulling traffic here okay, who will tell u that u must either be a Christian or Muslim b4 dey vote for u

    2020-8-11 19:34

  • GLITZZZZZ : wooow.... really

    2020-8-10 10:01

Savetheday 172 #

the struggle ends...finally on a cool note
2020-8-10 03:03 Like(4)



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