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How to Customize Your HiOS Theme

HiTheme  |  2020-8-16 16:47 141192

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theme is a collection of attributes that are applied to an entire application or activity and not just limited to an individual view. In other words, when you apply a theme, every view of the app or activity applies each of the theme's attributes that it supports.

HiOS has a lot of features and Hi Theme is one of this. Although this aspect of the phone is mostly overlooked, it is one of the awesome features that can make you have a never-ending experience.

With HiOS, you have an opportunity to customize your own theme, and below is a guide.


How to Design Your Own Theme
1. Simply click on Hi Theme on your device
2. Click on Discovery or Theme then DIY
3. Tap on Gallery if you have your own designed wallpaper or Online to choose from a list of wallpapers (This also applies to your Lockscreen)
4. Click on Next,  choose your preferred  Icon, and Apply your custom theme.

Below is an example of a DIY (Do It Yourself) Theme:


How to Access Your DIY Theme
There are several ways to access your DIY Theme, below are two ways:

1. Tap on Settings > Theme and Lockscreen > My DIY
2. Click on Hi Theme > Wallpaper > Tap on the three dashes called the Hamburger  Menu > My DIY


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30441646 9 #

how to live wallpaper?
2020-12-27 08:44 Like(1)
  • ahiadzro : Check my profile or search T-Spot. I have an article about live wallpapers

    2020-12-27 14:13

Iftikhar Alam 8 #

How to upload my diy themes online  also reply to my email add
2020-12-4 08:42 Like(0)
  • ahiadzro : You can not upload your DIY Theme online

    2020-12-4 09:51

  • ahiadzro : You can not upload your DIY Theme online

    2020-12-4 09:47

techno user 6 #

what to do if accent color not change?
2020-11-7 14:01 Like(0)
  • ahiadzro : What exactly do you mean by accent color? (Tap on your home screen for a while > Desktop settings > Text color

    2020-11-7 15:50

273196154391 5 #

2020-8-24 06:40 Like(0)

Kwyn 4 #

I don't know which theme to choose
2020-8-21 08:06 Like(0)
  • ahiadzro : Just choose any and have fun

    2020-8-21 08:30

ts7013507125 3 #

thanks boss
2020-8-17 02:37 Like(1)

Hoilakes 2 #

thanks for the info boss...
2020-8-16 17:30 Like(0)



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