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Face unlock bug

Pouvoir 4 Series  |  2020-8-10 08:22 TECNO LC7 4381

Face unlock feature has a bug that when I turn on my flash a reopen the screen flashlight turns off. So I turned the face unlock off and now flashlight is working perfectly. So this bug should be fixed.
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3 #

I think its bug.
Because i've seen on other devices that face unlock and flashlight works together perfectly.
Even on infinix and other tecno models, both works together perfectly. 😳
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BigBoyEDEM 2 #

It's not a bug, You need to understand how face unlock works. Delete your scanned face and restart your device
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  • 275742582238 : so can't I use the faceunlock while using flashlight

    2020-8-10 08:37

  • 275742582238 : I just turned of the face lock and now the error is gone

    2020-8-10 08:33



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