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Independance Day of Pakistan !! a land of dreams!

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Hi Fans!!

14th of August is coming close and it will bring with it a wave of patriotism and love for the country. Soon you will begin to see stalls selling flags, badges, caps and all sorts of other patriotic ornaments on every street corner. The national flag will be hoisted on all buildings public and private as a symbol of love for the country. People will go out to visit national monuments and recreational spots to celebrate the day. You will see buildings decorated with green and white lights. There will be firework shows around in parks and other public places. Independence day brings a wave of happiness itself.


While all of us do celebrate this independence day with utmost dedication most of us tend to forget the events and ideologies that brought this day to light. Look back before 1947 and this great nation did not exist. It was brought together in to existence by people who sought a nation where they could practice Islam freely. It was brought together by the great men in the Indian cabinets who knew that Muslims could not thrive until they had a nation of their own. We know this cabinet of men to be the members of the Muslim League, the political party representing Muslims of united India.

When we look at the list of names of men who had a part to play in the creation of this nation we see the likes of Jinnah, the true man of action, Iqbal, he who envisioned it first. But in reality it was the common people who sacrificed both with their lives and their possessions to bring their vision in to the plane of reality. Neither Jinnah nor Iqbal would have thought in all their lives that when they initially set out to represent Muslims in the Indian National Congress that they would one day end up taking a sovereign state for the people.


Post Independence

Even after we gained Independence it’s not like things changed for good, these last 70 years have been dotted with events that brought the nation up and then down. These 70 years the nation has still struggled to reach its milestones and we still lag far behind. We have been plagued by poverty, corruption and injustice. And there are still many issues that the country hasn’t been able to overcome.

Perhaps for the first time things may have changed for the better for this country. Today we chant the phrase of ‘Naya Pakistan’. It’s not just a phrase it’s a promise to ourselves and this nation that we will make the efforts and sacrifices necessary to take this nation to great heights again. Yes times may be tough for us but we have to stay loyal to this country and look for its greater good rather than our personal benefits. It is high time we make the efforts to serve this country rather than take from it.

Let us not forget the efforts, both of the men and the common people that migrated to this nation. We may have been born free, but our forefathers had to earn that freedom, and it did not come cheap for them. Let us not let their sacrifices be forgotten or go in vain.

Photography Using Tecno SmartPhone

While celebrating the 14th august event today with my family and friends, i managed to click a few pictures with my tecno smartphone and I am way more than happy from the results. You can have a look as well.

The fireworks are a tradition and a sign to show happiness hence at the night of 13th august, all the people get ready and prepared for their celebrations witrh crackers on their roofs.




After successfuly celebrating a night full of fireworks and lightenings, we also had a small cake cutting ceremony at our house using a cake with the national flag on it. This was done to show our love for our country.



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munazza 24 #

mera watan
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our lovely country
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happy independence day
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jeevay Pakistan
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hmara pyara pakistan
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happy independence day to india and pakistan
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janab aapko bhi mubarak ho
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  • simari : khair mubarak!! :D

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