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Tecno spark 5! A spectacular camera phone!! ❤

Photographies  |  2020-8-15 01:17 613217

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Hello T-Fans!

The TECNO Spark 5 is a budget device whose recommended retail has been set at a very nice amount. As a replacement for the TECNO Spark 4, it is normal to draw comparisons for the two devices.

spark 5 pro 003.jpg

The Spark 5 features a lot of similarities to the Spark 4, and the Spark 3 Pro. They have the same processors, the same amount of RAM, and the same displays. What wasn’t mentioned was that the Spark 4, Spark 3 Pro, and the new Spark 5 all have a 13MP main camera. And as it appears to me, you will be getting the same camera performance. Which isn’t to say that you should expect bad photos, no.

The Spark 5, Having the same processor, and the same lens means you should expect the same quality of pictures. What seems to have changed is the processing. The Spark 5 is snappier, and though it blows out certain details in pictures, with patience, one can take pretty good photos.

Here is a photos were taken using the Spark 5.



Closeups are always good. However, one needs to be very steady because a slight shake will cause a blurry pic. Also, one needs lots of light for well-detailed closeups.

These is a closeup taken which gave us beautiful and vibrant captures!



This is one’s tricky. If you can see, when you focus on certain subjects, the highlights are blown out. For example, you need to really focus on the clouds to see them. If you focus on something else, they become white without any details. Something else is that the processing tries to force the greens to be quite saturated than in real life.



Using portrait mode leaves a pretty bad effect on the edges. However, just taking pics without portrait mode takes pretty nice pictures. Here are pictures without portrait mode, but of close subjects.



Selfies are okay. There’s never much to say about selfies with phones because there’s never lots of detail lost, and people have preferences with beauty modes and the likes. Here though there’s a dedicated beauty mode, you will still find some smoothing happening even when using the default mode.

Photo credits: Bakmic

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Benjamin Lopez 35 #

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Patterns 34 #

But what differentiate the devices you mentioned? Asides from the fact that Spark 5 has 5 cameras
2020-8-24 03:46 Like(1)
  • simari : the processing of pictures in spark 5 is quite smooth, the end result seems to be something very amazing but for that to happen you have to be a lil patient while clicking the pictures.

    2020-8-26 01:44

Patterns 33 #

This is lovely
2020-8-24 03:46 Like(0)

munazza 32 #

indeed it is spectacular
2020-8-18 23:48 Like(0)

haiderr 31 #

2020-8-18 23:37 Like(1)

tanveerr 30 #

is this better than camon 15
2020-8-18 05:18 Like(1)
  • simari : both have their own specs and their performance is very great

    2020-8-26 01:46

  • simari : better in what way??

    2020-8-26 01:45

tanveerr 29 #

2020-8-18 05:18 Like(1)

Taha123 28 #

2020-8-18 05:01 Like(1)

iibrahimm 27 #

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