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[Album] Love to Photograph food? Then Tecno is a whole mood

Photographies  |  2020-8-19 06:35 472270

Hello Fans!

Each one of us loves to eat and enjoy the taste of each and every bite. What if we start food photography? Sounds great? Well you can be a food photographer if you are Tecno user. All you need is your Tecno device, your favorite food and follow some tips and tricks.

The ones thatstart your stomach growling and your mouth salivating. The ones that make youwant to lick your computer screen. The ones that have you running for thekitchen, fingers crossed that you have everything on hand to make whatever wasin that photo.
You don’thave to be a professional photographer to take a mouthwatering photograph (I’mnot!), but it does take a little practice. I’ve made a list of the 5 foodphotography tips that really helped me improve my food photography the most.

1- The firstthing you need would be your Tecno smartphone as their camera help you getmagnificent clicks no matter wherever or whenever you want. With the help ofthe super HDR detection in the Tecno camera, you can end up getting a beautifulshot filled with colors.


2- Finda photo online that you absolutely love and try to re-create it. Cook the meal,set the stage and go to work. Paying close attention to the details in other'sphotography will also help your own. Pay attention to the food styling, thelighting, the angle the photo was taken at and the depth of field. It's muchharder than you think! Check out the bottom of the page for a few examples ofmy attempts.

3- Takephotos from different angles, and take a lot of them. Move around the food,take pictures from up above and down below, up close and further away. Changethe set up. Play with your camera’s settings. You can always delete the photosthat don’t turn out, so take lots.

4- Neveruse the flash on your camera! This is true for almost all situations, butespecially true for food .If you're not quite ready to make the plunge, makesure you shoot during the day near a large window. If you get a lot of directsunlight you will want to cover the window with a white sheet to diffuse thelight so it is not so harsh.


5- Photographfood that is easy to work with. Think bright colors and lots of texture. Themost difficult foods to photograph (I think) are those with muted colors or arevery white. Starting with an easy subject will help to build your confidenceand make you want to take more photos.

Havefun with your photography! Becoming a better photographer should be a funjourney. Keep practicing and remember to enjoy the process.

Thankyou for reading! I hope you like it!

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ghaneem 20 #

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ghaneem 19 #

lools so yummm
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Kehkeshaa 16 #

glad ????????????????
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bilqees 14 #

looksso pleasing
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  • simari : it tasted pleasing too

    2020-8-26 01:52

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