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[Gaming King August] FAQ About the Gaming King August 2020

AHA Games  |  2020-8-19 12:50 251232

The Gaming King for August 2020 is currently on and we came up with a few answers to some questions you asked.

1. How do i find my comment number on the event post?
At the top right of your comment, search for the comments number as indicated in the image below.

Gaming King entry post t spot comment number august 2020.jpg

2. How many comments can i make under the event posts per day?

From the event post, the answer to this is quite clear.

The more comments you make, the more your chances of being selected in the lottery.

You can make as many comments as possible but ensure you make at least one comment each day and ensure the comment made
is a screenshot post of " your comment/ comments on a game"  in the AHA Games App along side the words ' I want Pouvoir 4'.

3. How many screenshots can i post along with my comment?

You can post as many screenshots as possible along with your comment.

Ensure that theses screenshots are screenshots of your comments on games inside the AHA Games App

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ts9235747502 21 #

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speechesgh 20 #

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280805047392 19 #

still trying to get it
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mikosians 18 #

Aha games are simply the best
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Quadrigold1 17 #

nice one @aha games...... keep up the good work
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king Alfa 16 #

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damilolaph 15 #

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Aha Games Author14 #

Thank You, would you like to be a part of our gaming community?
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Aha Games Author13 #

Good Luck!
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