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[Gaming King August] AHA Games: User Login Behavior Survey!(Everything is about wanting to serve you better.)

AHA Games  |  2020-8-24 23:51 5412112

Dear T-fans:

In order to better serve you, please help us answer the following few questions.
This survey is anonymous, and we absolutely protect your answers.
Google Chrome is the recommend method to open the survey link.

Click Here To Do the Survey
See survey link here:  https://bit.ly/AHABehaviorSurvey
By the way:The new episode of gaming-king competition is about to start soon, please get ready and stay tuned!

- You also get the chance to be invited into a Global gaming community where you get access to exclusive game offers and a chance to interact with gamers from around the world
#survey #research #gamelobby #gaming
#mobilegaming #ahagames #mobilegamer

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Godwin isaac 32 #

thanks u
2020-8-27 08:22 Like(1)

Aha Games Author31 #

Veuillez essayer une autre connexion réseau et je suis sûr que vous serez en mesure de répondre à l'enquête
281081317468 published in 2020-8-27 05:48
j'ai un tecno spark 5 mais mon connexion es lent
2020-8-27 08:10 Like(0)

Aha Games Author30 #

Have you filled?
2020-8-27 08:08 Like(0)

Aha Games Author29 #

Thank you for filling!!
2020-8-27 08:08 Like(0)

279418894032 28 #

2020-8-27 06:56 Like(1)

big zion 27 #

j'ai un tecno spark 5 mais mon connexion es lent
2020-8-27 05:48 Like(0)

280687884777 26 #

2020-8-27 05:44 Like(0)

Barekese Mmrante Hene 25 #

2020-8-27 05:09 Like(1)

Aha Games Author24 #

Thak you for this feedback.

It has been resolved.

link:  https://bit.ly/AHABehaviorSurvey
2020-8-26 10:12 Like(2)

Aha Games Author23 #

Great One, once again
2020-8-26 10:11 Like(0)

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