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[Tutorial] If you are bored, start photographing indoor!! Have fun with Tecno!

Photographies  |  2020-8-26 04:55 292941

Hello Fans!!!

Bored in the house? well here are 5 tips to kill your boredom. All you need is your Tecno camera-phone and some free time.
Follow these indoor photogeaphy tips and let me know if you liked them:

1- Cloning Yourself (or Аnything!)
This method is quite old but using your imagination, you can turn it into a new one. Firstly, set up a camera and a timer. Then, if you are shooting yourself, you need to quickly get into the shot according to the timer.
Try various poses (as on the example above) in a different place each time and take photos of all these poses. Don’t forget to take a picture of an empty scene as well.
Begin with the base layer and continue until you achieve the final result.
You can also make this picture using the Panaroma effect of Tecno smartphones.


2- Bokeh Party

For this idea, your Christmas lights would come in handy. It is ideal for product photos but you can use these photo props to achieve great portraits as well.
Bokeh effect looks its best when there is a big distance between a model and the lights. Therefore, make sure you have a long space for your photo session. Also, you can achieve a nice bokeh effect if you use the your Tecno devices.


3- Smoke Photography

The smoke effect in your photos can create an unusual look. Try to move in this smoke, use a fan to get diverse photos or blow it around you.
There won’t be any problems while performing image editing with such an effect because it will look nice on camera. If you want, you can work with an adjustment brush to make the smoke more detailed and interesting.


4- Mirror Photography

This type of creative indoor photography ideas is perfect for Instagram, YouTube thumbnails and trendy product pictures. Use a longer lens with a fast aperture to achieve the best result.
Set your black background as far as possible. Place the objects onto the mirror and make sure you light them from the sides.
If you do it, not much light will get in that black background. Use a side lighting with a strong, diffused light or an external flash.


5- Kitchen Close-Ups

One of the best macro photography ideas indoors can be realized in the kitchen. Reflections from its surface can create nice backdrops for your pictures. A shallow depth of field can turn any regular object of the kitchen into something interesting. Consider creating a triptych, which will make a wonderful piece for the kitchen wall. However, first of all, think of the composition and how these three images will look together. Or you can just shoot any dish or product at your table.


Well these were 5 of the  main tips from my side for indoor photographt. If you are interested for more tips, let me know in the comment section below.

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bzizimonst 16 #

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275150650254 15 #

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halimaa 14 #

nicely potrayed
2020-9-1 21:08 Like(1)

imad_ 13 #

I love panaroma
2020-8-27 06:12 Like(1)
  • simari : try making artistic pictures with it

    2020-8-30 03:14

  • simari : yes its very amazing

    2020-8-30 03:14

imad_ 12 #

I'll try
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imad_ 11 #

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kirat 10 #

i follow a few of these
2020-8-27 06:08 Like(1)
  • simari : you should my dear

    2020-8-30 03:15

kirat 9 #

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Taha123 8 #

i was being bored
2020-8-27 06:06 Like(1)
  • simari : well now you know what to do

    2020-8-30 03:15



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