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[Gaming King August] #Fight for Pouvior4#Lucky Ones Announced! Play More,Win More! Excellent

AHA Games  |  2020-8-31 06:59 642539

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Dear T Fans:
The August gaming-king season just ended, and we received a total of 2,047 comments from everyone.

According to our competition rules, only 6 people have commented and shared screenshots everyday. We couldn’t run a luckydraw event on these 6 (since our expected number was atleast 18). Hence these 6 users will directly pass to our next round of gaming competetion to compete for the Povouir 4 phone;

The 6 users are:
A. Charles bebez
B. Mikosians
C. Obigwe
D. Teras
E. Quadrigoldl
F. Speechesgh
The prize allocation will be like:
1st Place: Povouir Phone + 10 USD
2nd Place 20 USD
3rd Place 15 USD
4th, 5th and 6th place 10 USD

If you are among the 6 winners, please send us your phone numbers so that we can arrange the group chats and the gaming competition to figure out the winners. The match ups, date and time of the competition, together with the game selected will be announced shortly.

A total of 9 users have commented daily everyday except for 1 to 5 days. These users will directly be granted 5 USD. These users are
A. God grace
B. Uc Best
C. John Eli
D. Damilolaph
E. Mega_Ray
F. Tarikul Islam
G. Lil_fred
H. Simple prince
I. Donamiiz

If you are among the above 9 lucky winners, please send us your phone number and address information so that your prize can be processed accordingly.
Thank you everyone for participating.

To keep up to date on the Competition, please join the AHA Games community:

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Deeman 28 #

congratulations guys
2020-9-3 01:43 Like(1)

281834041840 27 #

2020-9-2 01:18 Like(2)

damilolaph 26 #

Thank you
2020-9-1 12:03 Like(2)

Queen AAA 25 #

2020-9-1 11:04 Like(3)

Ultimate2020 24 #

Congrats to you all
2020-9-1 05:48 Like(3)
  • Aha Games : we see you active gamer. would you like to join our community.

    2020-9-8 05:22

Quadrigold1 23 #

wow, i qualified, thanks  aha games and congratulations to my fellow gamers and myself too
2020-9-1 01:58 Like(3)

deedertt 22 #

2020-8-31 19:28 Like(2)

Teras 21 #

Please when will they post the game to play?
I don't want to miss out.
2020-8-31 15:19 Like(3)
  • sirmie prince : have the awards been given out yet since I didn't receive mine

    2020-9-5 03:10

  • Aha Games : it has been sent to you privately. Thanks.

    2020-9-4 09:21

ts7013507125 20 #

congrats guyss
2020-8-31 14:39 Like(2)

Jaypee 19 #

2020-8-31 13:26 Like(3)

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