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[Tutorial] What is AR in photography?

Photographies  |  2020-9-2 01:51 372382

Hello Fans!!

You all must be wondering that there are AR stickers in Tecno de ices, but what are they?.
This thread is only to educate you guys about the AR in photography. I hope you'll like it.


AR photography is the art of taking a photograph that is an artistic expression of the augmented reality created by the computer.
While I tend to use Tecno to achieve this result, any other augmented reality application (including SnapChat) would work.

The aspect that sets augmented reality photography apart from virtual reality (and normal photography) is that you’re working with both a real life environment as well as a digital entity.

images (2).jpeg

The juggling of both means you have to be able to manipulate the applications AR functionality such as getting it to detect planes that aren’t there and also to set up the real life scene, such as moving people into position.

Setting Up the Photograph

Aside from setting up the real life scene the AR photo will take place in, there are a few extra things to take into consideration.
Placement of the subject is achieved by the plane detection algorithm used depends on if your on iOS or Android.

There are certain limitations to the plane detection which makes shots on water harder to do.
Another technique is to use a temporary plane such as a sheet of paper or cardboard and then remove it from the scene.
A digital entity placed in the scene makes it easier to create Bokeh shots as the entity won’t go out of focus. You can achieve this technique by having the camera focus on something close to the camera and then removing that object and taking the photograph before the camera refocuses.


Sharing the Photographs

There are many outlets for sharing your AR photos.
Instagram is a popular platform for sharing AR photos however the one limitation is the square format.
As AR photos are normally just screen captures the format follows the same screen ratio as the device which means the framing needs to be adapted for Instagram.


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