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I got more than 30 DM's per hour just because my captures are captured by masterpiece device which is TECNO POP1

Photographies  |  2020-9-4 23:36 TECNO F3 0109

Obviously of If I  could be opportuned to drop my whole gallery here I would be happy, my instagram page full with DM's because of my amazing captures by just a mobile and achieving alot just in my 1st week joining mobile photography.

Screenshot_20200904-085603.jpg Screenshot_20200903-102347.jpg

Screenshot_20200903-102520.jpg Screenshot_20200902-094449.jpg

Screenshot_20200902-094418.jpg Screenshot_20200901-132823.jpg

Screenshot_20200901-162018.jpg Screenshot_20200901-162024.jpg

Screenshot_20200901-170155.jpg Screenshot_20200902-094449.jpg

Screenshot_20200901-170155.jpg Screenshot_20200828-183721.jpg

Screenshot_20200812-063407.png Screenshot_20200903-114006.png


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