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Bike Mode in Camon 15

Activities  |  2020-9-6 02:43 TECNO AC8 9635

To us bikers, a slight mistake to pick a call on the road result into an accident.
But Tecno figured out how to save us from such eventualities, hence came Bike Mode

For a period of two hours, when one calls you, they are auto-rejected


and to spice it up, there is auto sms feature..they get messages as shown below..isn't sweet?


That's Tecno for you
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ts77724158 8 #

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michaelpears 7 #

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Jaypee 6 #

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Hoilakes 5 #

nice 1
2020-9-6 15:07 Like(1)

TomaSparta 4 #

Nice info
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hbk 3 #

Apo walifikiria????
2020-9-6 02:50 Like(0)
  • shadie : sana bana, vile msee ukipigiwa simu unaeza poteza concentration

    2020-9-6 02:56

ZonkDragonel 2 #

love this feature
2020-9-6 02:47 Like(0)
  • shadie : Yeah it was really thought, things are done automatically

    2020-9-6 02:48



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