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The Brother I Never Had

Photographies  |  2020-9-10 03:15 TECNO CD7 0167



Growing up, I loved to imagine this mysterious older brother I never had, He'd be a shoulder to cry on and will always protect me no matter how bad the odds are stacked against me (Proverbs 17:17... A brother is born for a time of adversity) Yes! that's how I imagined him to be. He'd never judge me and will always make me look good in front of our parents, He'd teach me how to be patient, show me how to be tough and introduce me to sports, He'd teach me how to compete and expose me to the male dominant world of competition, build up my self esteem and help develop my leadership skills,  He'd teach me about girls, I have a list of questions I piled up already. He'd teach me what's cool, I could always picture myself swagging up in his fancy snickers and I'd never return any Jean I wear, Oh how cool his clothes will look on me, Jolene Perry says "Brothers don't let each other wander in the dark alone" but Damn! Reality has dawned on me and now I wander alone in the dark wishing I had a brother to place his hands around my shoulders and chase my fears away.
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