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GOOGLE SEARCH AND PRIVACY: Are private search engines really private?

Others  |  2020-9-10 15:38 TECNO CD7 3624

Are private search engines really private?
The privacy of the search engine depends on its business model. Non-private search engines get revenue from sharing your data with third-parties and by using ad targeting.


Private search engines do not track you and gather your data. They provide you with more objective results unaffected by their marketing strategies and minimize your digital footprint.

Does incognito or private mode help?
Not much. Websites, search engines, and internet service providers can still see your activity. Your browser just doesn't store your current session's browsing history (and perhaps other things like cookies, depending on your browser), but only until you close it.

How do I search privately on Google?
To make your Google browsing more private, consider these steps:

Do not forget to delete your search history or disallow Google to store it. You can find some tips on how to do it here;
Sign out of your Google account while browsing. This will make it harder to connect your search history to your identity;
Turn on incognito mode for an additional layer of protection;
Use a private browser for surfing the web.
Also, use a VPN. It won’t directly protect you from Google tracking, but it will encrypt your traffic and your service providers won’t be able to track you. Check NordVPN’s latest deals for the best experience.

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