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How to Quickly Access your Favorite File with File Manager

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Tecno Mobile's file manager is a powerful file manager with
a simple user interface that supports multiple routine operations. It supports exclusive file classification of WhatsApp and Messenger, as well as audio, video, images, applications, documents, Bluetooth, zips and downloads to help you easily manage your phone.

It also has other amazing functions such as an easy way to clean or free up space on your phone.

Screenshot_20200910-194149 (1).png

How to Create a Shotcut of your Favourite File
1. Open File Manager on your device
2. Tap on More as shown in the screenshot above
3. Tap on the Plus Icon below the collection of the document section
4. Select either your internal storage or your SD card.
5. Choose your favourite file and tap on OK.

Voila, you are done!

NOTE: To quickly gain access to your favourite file, just tap on More and select your favourite file after the procedure above. To also edit your favourite file, tap on your selected file for a while to delete or rename them.  If you don't have a  file manager on your device, click here to download
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