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HiOS  |  2020-9-14 12:59 1821984

Hello T-Fans,
One of the cool features present on the recently released HiOS 7.0 is the Smart Scanner. You probably have been seeing the work Smart Scanner feature being talked about, and you are wondering what it is, or how it is used. The smart scanner was designed to meet the local needs of our users.

In this article, we hope to break down what exactly what it does and it's usefulness.

smart scanner.png

What is Smart Scanner?
The smart scanner is a feature that allows you to perform scanning features on your devices in a smart and fast way. The Smart Scanner performs 4 major features:

Scan Drugs: No more guessing which drug is genuine or fake. With the new Smart Scanner, you scan the code and verify if the drug is authentic or not. Just launch the Smart Scanner and scanner the drug. You get the response instantly.

smart drug.png

Translate: Imagine you find yourself in a foreign restaurant and you are handed a menu in another language. Just pull out your phone and launch your Smart Scanner. You get the translation instantly.

smart trans.png

Recharge: Imagine having to type in the 16 digit code of your local recharge card on your phone. Not only is it slow, but it is also stressful. But with the Smart scanner, just scan the code and you get recharged in the local network instantly.

scan rech.png

Wi-Fi Password: No need to cram Wi-Fi passwords again. With this feature, you can just scan a Wi-Fi connection and connect instantly.

smart scan.png

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Daouda 274158 8 #

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GraceGT 7 #

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selectar petro nicky 6 #

are we going to get the UPGRADE
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God loves me 5 #

cool feature
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Hoilakes 4 #

wooow... beautiful ❤️????❤️
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mr blacky 3 #

i download it on my Camon 12 but it keeps giving me this
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