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HiOS  |  2020-9-24 14:22 5327012

Hello T-Fans,
A regular caller interface can sometimes be boring and uninteresting. It just displays a small caller icon and display name I set.

“I was one of the people who got tired of the regular caller interface and decided to try a new feature I found on my new phone that allows you to set a video as a caller display instead of the regular caller ID. Since then, everyone in my office has been gushing every time my phone rings and the video displays me and my lover sharing a special time. It's like everyone wants my phone to ring all the time.”
Says Sandra, a banker in Lagos Nigeria who just got the Camon 16 powered by HiOS.

On the new HiOS 7.0, we know regular is boring, so we decided to do something special for our users. Every call should tell a story and bring to life a special moment. That is why we decided to include a special feature called the Video Caller. This feature allows you to set a video of a special moment as your caller display. Yeah, we cool like that!

How to Activate:
Go to settings>>>Theme and lockscreen>>>My Video Show

You can download from the online templates or add your own customized video from your AI Gallery

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31370810 45 #

2021-5-18 13:53 Like(0)

Nekkycarol 44 #

I love it....
Its nice
2020-11-19 07:56 Like(0)

24351713656868864 43 #

2020-10-10 09:35 Like(0)

pasto 42 #

Great feature
2020-10-2 18:01 Like(0)

Brooks 41 #

wow good to know
2020-10-2 17:44 Like(0)

Kwyn 40 #

This feature is sweet o
2020-10-2 11:33 Like(0)

24818882614172672 39 #

this is not in spark 5 air
2020-9-30 10:49 Like(0)

24818882614172672 38 #

how much is Tecno spark 5 air
2020-9-30 10:47 Like(0)

ts24793564042009600 37 #

Is good phone for me
2020-9-30 04:03 Like(0)

ts24793564042009600 36 #

Is good phone for me
2020-9-30 04:03 Like(0)

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