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General  |  2020-10-7 13:38 TECNO CD7 7807


At the moment, the messaging application is working on new WhatsApp functions. Some of them, in addition, are among the most requested by users of the platform for years. This is the case, for example, of the possibility of using the same account on several devices. We collect some of the most interesting.

The multi-device functionality of WhatsApp is just around the corner. According to the specialized portal WABetaInfo, it will soon be possible to use the “app” on four different terminals. At the moment the tool is in the final phase of its development; so it should be available to all users, by updating the “app”, in the coming weeks. Likewise, it is pointed out that, at the time it is working, it will not be necessary for the main device on which the user uses the platform, which would be the “smartphone”, to be connected to the network to be able to use the application on the tablet or the computer.

The arrival of this novelty will be accompanied by a graphical interface for its desktop version in which it is reported that the chat history is migrated between devices and that this process is end-to-end encrypted. A security mechanism with which the chats and other data in the “app” are also protected, and prevents anyone from accessing the information except the participants in the conversation, not even WhatsApp itself.


WhatsApp is also preparing a new function with which it will allow users to share images, GIFS and videos that are deleted after a while. A feature that is inherited directly from other tools such as Snapchat. This is your definitive leap to ephemeral messaging. According to WABetaInfo, a medium specialized in the novelties of this well-known application, all the details are being finalized to implement the tool in the coming months.
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Patterns 7 #

WhatsApp is always doing great things. Nice one from them.
2020-10-11 12:55 Like(0)

seagate 6 #

gak sabar menunggu
2020-10-10 16:03 Like(0)

abayomiola 5 #

I'm so nervous right now
2020-10-9 20:41 Like(0)
  • Patterns : I'm telling you. They always have great stuffs to add to there app

    2020-10-11 12:56

Kwyn 4 #

I can't wait for this
2020-10-8 17:30 Like(0)

25484036280457216 3 #

الجهاز له خده رسايل شو في كده حتوصلك
2020-10-7 18:58 Like(1)

Hoilakes 2 #

nice share
2020-10-7 18:04 Like(0)

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