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Photographies  |  2020-10-10 12:28 TECNO CD7 6287

Bush Clock Vine Also known as: King's- mantle, is native to western Africa, It is an evergreen woody shrub (a herbaceous perennial climbing plant) with purple flowers that have a yellow throat and can appear either singly or in small clusters, It is commonly used as a hedge in the garden because of its continuous growth and its year-long blooming season.

PS: I submitted this image for the Hios Anniversary Contest, please guys I need you to go the Hios official page and look for this image in the comments and like and comments on it
I really appreciate your engagements.
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fb242160152801 7 #

Wow, it's a great image. You did a great work and please accept my congratulations. Is taking pics of flowers is your hobby or you're a professional photographer? If you love to take pictures of flowers you can visit this site growgardener.com and find there a lot of useful information about flowers and how to grow them and take care of them. I'm a gardener for a year already, I had some courses which helped me a lot and I learned many things about flowers and plants. My favorite flowers are siberian bluebells and foxgloves. I have my own garden where I grow a lot of flowers and all my family enjoys staying in the garden full of flowers.
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Hoilakes 6 #

nice concept
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ts08131246760 5 #

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ts07089662585 4 #

Beautiful plant
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ts07084683106 3 #

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ts07037555848 2 #

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