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Cannot Move Files to SD Card ? Tips to solve this problem!

Phone Master  |  2020-10-12 22:58 1715657

Is there not enough storage space? Moving files to the SD card can effectively release the phone's storage. Open Phone Master, you can move files in 5 simple steps


Attention: Dont choose any folder, please select the root directory of SD card. Selecting a folder will let you fail to transfer!!


Follow the above 5 steps and easily move the files to SD card.


More interesting and practical tips will be updated in the future, please continue to pay attention to us! Welcome everyone to join our Whatsapp fan group, let us know you better and provide you with better service!


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Hoilakes 5 #

nice info
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Thanks for the info
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You're doing well PhoneMasterOfficial. Thanks for this
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  • Patterns : Information they say is power you know.

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