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Customizing Text Colour of your App Drawer

CAMON 15 Series  |  2020-10-15 19:15 043

Hello T-fans.

In our continuous effort to bring you the very best of Android, designed in everyway to suite your preference, with room for customization to personalize your experience with the brand, here’s a guide on how to customize text colour of your app drawer. An option which was initially impossible on Android without rooting or a third-party app.

If you would like to explore this path, adding beauty to interactions on your TECNO device, long-press on an empty space of your home screen. You’ll be presented with four options at the bottom of your device. Click on “Desktop Settings”>“Text Colour” which you would find set to default as “Auto” with three other options (White, Black, & Custom) alongside it.




Click on “Custom”, select from the availability of colours present. Use the vertical slide to navigate between colours, the horizontal slide for intensity and the other on the colour window to set up colour hue as shown below.


Please note that the guide above is referenced to the Camon 15.

images (2).jpeg

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