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[Gaming King October] #Pova for a Better Battery Life#Gaming King for October! Play More,Win More! Excellent

AHA Games  |  2020-10-20 22:29 2068105764

2020-10-23 00:00 - 2020-11-1 23:59Has ended
Dear T- fans:

The Gaming-King competition is here!
We have come back with a new updated format to make the event more exciting and fun for you all!

Time schedule: Oct. 23th~Nov. 01st

Activity Prizes:
The total prize pool is 150 USD+1 Pova 4 Phone, and there are 22 winners.

Pova Phone
Rules for this time:
1. Follow the AHA Games section on T-Spot.
2. Everyday play Games from AHA Games and take a screenshot of your game comments.
3. Every day, Reply to the event post on T-Spot. Your Replies should contain: A screenshot of your game comments + Phone Battery Memes together with the text “Pova 4 Better Battery Life”.
4.  On November 2nd, 22 lucky participants will be selected based on the a lucky-draw lottery from their reply entry number on the event post. Players who reply with more screen-shots on the event post, have more chances of winning the lottery.
4. On November 3rd, the selected 22 lucky participants will compete in selected games to determine the winners. These 22 participants will have to send us the screen-shots of their high scores in their designated game, and prizes will be awarded according to their ranking(The selected game will be announced on November 3rd in order to avoid cheating!)
5. If two users have the same scores, the winner will be determined according to the time when the score is provided. If there are two users with the same score and same time, then the two users will compete again in-order to figure out the winner.
6. The criteria to be considered in the lottery for the 22 lucky winners selection is, the person must DAILY reply the event post with a screenshot of game comments from AHA Games, a Battery Life Meme,  together with the text“Pova 4 Better Battery Life”. If the person does not reply daily, he will be disqualified from the lucky-draw.
Please abide by the rules of the activity, otherwise you will be deemed to have given up.
Once found cheating, you can disqualify yourself from the election.

What are Phone Battery Memes?As follows:↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓
企业微信截图_16026575892398.png 企业微信截图_160265766628(1)_副本.jpg

Award selection rules:
1. Open AHA Games, play and comment Games everyday, and post screenshots of game comments + Phone Battery Memes together with “Pova4 Better Battery Life on the Event Post
2. The operations team will run a lottery system on the reply comment numbers to select the 22 lucky winners. Users who reply with more screenshots of comments, will have higher chance of getting selected.
3. The 22 selected lucky winners will take a part in game competition to figure out who will take the big prize home!

1. Please make sure you have installed the latest version of AHA Games, if not, Click on the attachment to Install AHA Games AHA_Games_aha_5005_V5.0.5.10_20200927123209.apk (9.25 MB, Download times: 0)

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pasto 2374 #

Pova 4 Better Bettery Life
2020-11-2 01:27 Like(0)

pasto 2373 #

Pova 4 Better Bettery Life
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pasto 2372 #

Pova 4 Better Bettery Life
2020-11-2 01:25 Like(0)

pasto 2371 #

Pova 4 Better Bettery Life
2020-11-2 01:22 Like(0)

pasto 2370 #

Pova 4 Better Bettery Life
2020-11-2 01:21 Like(0)

pasto 2369 #

Pova 4 Better Bettery Life
2020-11-2 01:15 Like(0)

pasto 2368 #

Pova 4 Better Bettery Life
2020-11-2 01:11 Like(0)

transformer 2367 #

i would love to win on this big time
2020-11-1 22:46 Like(0)

charles bebez 2366 #

Pova 4 Better Battery Life
2020-11-1 22:29 Like(0)

charles bebez 2365 #

Pova 4 Better Battery Life
2020-11-1 22:28 Like(0)

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