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[Tutorial] How To Take Pictures while Recording Video at the same time on your Phone.

Photographies  |  2020-10-25 11:38 SM-A505FN 20873

Hi, It's your favorite mobile Photographer again.
I never really thought this topic would be necessary because I I used to think it's a normal thing everyone does with their phones until I asked a friend of mine to help me at a gathering to record the video and take pictures at the same time while recording. Guess what? He was like "what do you mean?" How can I do the two simultaneously? He found it strange until I showed him how and he was amazed.

So it occurred to me that many people might not know this too and I've decided to share with you today how you can do that by yourself.

It's very simple to do:
Once you open your camera and start video recording, look to the left beside the shutter button (which is now red), you'll see another white Shutter that looks like you want to load images from your gallery. Click on that white one anytime you want to take a snapshot while recording simultaneously.
See examples in the images below
user_header.jpg observe the portion circled in yellow, that's the white Shutter I am talking about.                                               

      This is an image I took while recording video simultaneously. This was done with my Camon 15, I am not certain if all phones are enabled to do this though. Check your camera to confirm today.  I hope you find it helpful. Ciao
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khantkoko2152001 13 #

khantkokoThanks of all
2020-11-2 09:35 Like(0)

khantkoko2152001 12 #

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Patterns 11 #

It works on all TECNO devices na?
2020-11-1 09:11 Like(0)

Patterns 10 #

Good hack. Lemme try this
2020-11-1 09:10 Like(0)

Mike man 9 #

It worked! Wow, I can't believe this. Thanks so much.Pls keep sharing infos like this. Thank you.
2020-10-31 07:14 Like(1)

speechesgh 8 #

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khantkoko2152001 7 #

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Chinemerem 6 #

Wow, never knew this.
Thank you for this.
2020-10-26 11:03 Like(2)

Jaypee 5 #

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