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Unstoppable Good Music - 52MM Powerful Speaker , Super Clear Voice Excellent

Bluetooth Wireless Speaker-S 1  |  2020-10-26 05:07 113362


Unstoppable Good Music   
Square S1 supports long time for using - 10 hours for normal use and 360 hours for standby status. Prolong your party time and enjoy living in music.
52MM Powerful Speaker , Super Clear Voice
Equipped with 52MM powerful speaker, Square S1 expresses super clear voice that easily livens things up. Small body, also big energy.
Vigorous Bass , Stereo Surround Sound Effect Within Reach
Stereo sound effect, nice soaring tone and powerful deep bass, 3 in 1, the whole sound effect is strong and appealing, easily catches everybody’s heart and pushes the atmosphere to its climax.
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30519657 7 #

كم سعر هذا الجهاز
2021-1-7 18:12 Like(0)

30017391 6 #

ایک کو کتنا پڑے گا جناب!
2020-11-29 07:43 Like(0)

ts0241138088 5 #

better sounds
2020-11-29 03:05 Like(0)

Avin@TECNO Author4 #

Hi, maybe you can go to the TECNO store to check whether it is on the market and the price.
Patterns published in 2020-11-1 05:12
Where can I get this and how much?
2020-11-9 05:57 Like(1)

Patterns 3 #

Where can I get this and how much?
2020-11-1 05:12 Like(0)

Tsigu 2 #

How can I get it?
2020-10-30 05:06 Like(0)



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