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Exploring Accessories on Tspot. Excellent

Hipods-H2  |  2020-10-26 16:38 202792

Hello T-fans.

As we continue to grow our online community of mobile users, bringing you first hand informations on the brand, ensure to check out the newly introduced forum, "Accessories", on Tspot.

And just as the name implies, here you'll find all you need to know on the latest of accessories from the brand, informations to guide you through making replacement or your choice of purchase for your device, how to identify/where to buy original TECNO accessories specifically built to serve our mobile community, etc. A few of which you'll find below.

TECNO HiPods H2: The TECNO HiPods H2 pushes sounds to a whole new level, giving you more of your mobile device with immersive audio quality that takes you into the music. It is wireless, lightweight, portable, fine & exquisite in striking balance between sound quality and trendy design, living up to the glory of the TECNO brand as always. In a single box that says it all, the TECNO HiPods H2 comes equipped with high efficiency charging capacity and storage space all within the box, making it easy to carry along with low risk of loss. It is IPX4 waterproofed with nothing to worry about on spills/daily splashes.


Ace A3: The Ace A3 is another addition of the brand to a long list of accessories that defines  excellence in everyway. Just like the HiPods H2, it is IPX4 waterproofed with a lateral in-ear design in a super mini lightweight body of 4.5g with a one button operation for all functions.




Minipod M1: Just like the other two above, the Minipod M1 is also IPX4 waterproofed with a premium ENC technology that supports Environment Noise Cancellation (ENC), effectively blocking external noises to give room for a superb audio experience in any scenario. It is ultra light, weighing as little as 4.21g. The Minipod M1 comes in a portable case for charging and storage at a go. It is equipped with a convenient and highly interactive touch controls without the need of reach of your device.




Ensure to check out other sections of the accessories forum for informations on accessories of the TECNO brand.

Don't forget to leave a like or comment below and also follow me on Tspot for more.
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33348249 16 #

I also need earpod
2022-4-13 01:06 Like(0)

409492 15 #

hi Tecno mobile! I have a Tecno Common 18 premier. I need ear pods. how much and how can I get them
2022-3-17 06:22 Like(1)
  • Amosking : how long have you been using your device?

    2022-4-16 13:37

246015726 14 #

hello how can i get it am in Ghana and how much is it
2022-1-8 13:05 Like(1)

32674276 13 #

how can I get it and what is the price please ?
2021-12-22 05:55 Like(0)

32674276 12 #

please how can I get it and the price also.
2021-12-22 05:54 Like(0)

31248855 11 #

Kya rate ho ga is ka
2021-4-29 10:12 Like(0)

31248855 10 #

2021-4-29 10:12 Like(0)

Yinksy09 9 #

Great accessories
2021-4-5 15:47 Like(0)

30795790 8 #

Plz n plz hlp us wid d prices so dat we get  to kno n wea to find dem
2021-2-22 14:55 Like(0)


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