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How to answer the phone gracefully without soiling the screen

HiOS  |  2020-10-28 10:31 3421486

Hello T-Fans,
Mobile phones have evolved over the years. It has left its core function from being used to make and receive calls to something much more. We use our phones every time of the day. In short, our phones have become a part of our lives. It is very difficult to imagine live without our mobile phones.
But our mobile phone moving along with us at all times, means it could be in harms way or in places where it could easily get soiled, wet, or damaged.
At different times in the day, we have meals. In Africa and some parts of the world, local meals are consumed with the hands. Now, despite using their hands to eat, this doesn’t deter some users from interacting with their devices. This often leaves their phone screens muddled up and soiled.
Since nothing can stop users from using their device, even when they are eating, the HiOS Team sat down and came up with a solution to soiled phone screens and food particles in phone openings due to operating the phone with a messy hand.

Introducing, the Gesture Call Picker…

gesture call picker.png

With this feature, all you need to do is do the peace sign over your device to accept an incoming call and a palm sign to reject an incoming call. It is so easy and convenient. The call is picked (when you accept it) and the speaker is automatically activated. So you don’t need to touch the phone.
Bit the HiOS Team didn’t stop there, they thought, “what if I don’t want my call on speaker, but I still want to receive the call?” So after much consideration, they came up with another idea and developed it into a feature.

The Auto Ear Pick up…

Auto ear pickup.png

How does this work? Once you activate this feature, anytime you have a call, all you need to do is raise the phone to your ear and the call is automatically answered. Convenient right? So now, you get a call, you raise the phone to your ear and you are connected.
Setting Up
Setting up the Gesture Call Picker is simple…
Settings>>>Smart Assistant>>>Micro Intelligence>>>Answer Call with a gesture
Setting up Auto Ear Pick up
Settings>>>Smart Assistant>>>Micro Intelligence>>>Raise to ear
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500465180 26 #

2020-11-27 03:13 Like(1)

30143095 25 #

عايز تحديث تكنو w5
2020-11-22 12:52 Like(0)

500191620 24 #

how can activate this gesture
2020-11-17 03:41 Like(1)

30056215 23 #

2020-11-9 15:36 Like(0)

30045075 22 #

available on pop2 plus
2020-11-7 05:45 Like(0)

Sniper44 21 #

how can I remove this setting sign on top of my phone
2020-11-5 06:21 Like(0)
  • Rastiz : settings has a message for you

    2020-11-13 08:03

  • Rastiz : that a setting notification

    2020-11-13 08:02

30026935 20 #

l will like to have one
2020-11-3 07:27 Like(1)

Joshuaboy 19 #

Wow, cool feature
2020-11-2 01:48 Like(1)

MECKSuccess 18 #

where can this feature be found
2020-11-1 09:09 Like(1)

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