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The game for everyone. This is the promise displayed by the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X / S arriving this November. Next-gen consoles hope to rally as many players as possible to their cause. They still need to give them the possibilities.


For years, Xbox has worked to make its menus, games and controllers accessible to as many people as possible. Sony and its PlayStation were still a little behind in this area, even if the PS4 had some accessibility parameters such as button customization, bold text, speech synthesis or even color inversion.

Basic functions to improve the video game for a large majority of players, but not yet extensive enough, by the Japanese manufacturer’s own admission. The latter therefore decided to move up a gear.

On its blog, Sony reveals a few of the new accessibility settings that will be found on the PS5.

Voice dictation made its appearance: it allows the player to quickly write text without a virtual keyboard by simply saying words that will appear on the screen.
Reading on screen : voice synthesis is still present. It allows the blind and visually impaired to hear the text displayed on the screen as well as all the features, menus and tabs on the screen that the controller passes over. But it will also be possible for people who are deaf or hard of hearing to send written messages that will be read aloud to other players.
Color correction : the PS5 will allow you to better adjust the colors according to each player. For games that support this function, the presets will be applied directly without going through the menu of different titles.
Good news too, these settings will be available in different languages.

The DualSense controller also fits
One of the attractions of the new PlayStation console is also its DualSense controller. This draws its strength in particular from its haptic feedback and its adaptive triggers. All this will be adjustable in order to reduce or even deactivate the force of the return or the vibrations to better adapt to the handicap.

Likewise, the audio that escapes from the controller during gameplay for more immersion can be adjusted as needed.

Sony is clearly building on the accessibility advancements Naughty Dog studio has made since Uncharted 4 : A Thief’s End. This year, The Last of Us Part II could thus boast of more than 60 parameters of accessibility to answer a maximum of needs, of the reinforcement of the hearing to the adaptation to multiple color blindness or even sharp adjustments for motor skills.
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