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Finding the Answer Before Asking on Tspot.

General  |  2020-11-10 13:12 93929

Hello T-fans.

Created to bridge the gap of communications between end users and Africa's leading smartphone brand, TECNO, Tspot has grown to not just only become an extension of the brand but a home of solutions to problems encountered by everyday Android users.

With swift response to questions raised on the forum and lots of threads addressing these prior to encounter by our community of mobile users, it can be very tiring navigating through lots of informations existing and continuously pouring into our digital space. In helping you find the quickest of solutions or threads containing information or guide to what you seek, Tspot gives you an option that makes this a possibility without the need of having to go through creating a thread or post, re-seeking answers or solutions to an existing question or problem encountered on your device.

To access this functionality on Tspot via the web app which carries same interface as the mobile app, log in to your Tspot account, click on the search icon at the topmost right on the home page. You will be presented with results classed into two. One of which reads "Publications" and the other, "User". "Publications" gives you a list of publications within the selected region of search on Tspot, while "User" gives you a list of individuals with usernames referenced to your search input.


To access this functionality via the desktop app, use the search bar at the topmost right just below your username, and the notification bell. The drop down menu next to it questions if your search is related to a "Topic" or probably the name of a "User" on Tspot. "Topic" gives you a list of publications within the selected region of search on Tspot, while "User" gives you a list of individuals with username referenced to your search input.


Please note that the results from your search will vary based on the chosen region of your search on Tspot drawn from a pool of resources available for that region.

So this means that if you have your region on Tspot set to Global and then searched for example, "HiOS", the results will vary when you do the same on the Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, etc section of Tspot.

Click here for a guide on how to change to a region of preference on Tspot. Don't forget to leave a like or comment below and also follow me on Tspot for more.

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Patterns 9 #

But does Tspot run on web-app or a Mobile app?
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Patterns 8 #

The functionality is quite seamless
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Eidi 7 #

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30085789 6 #

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30085789 5 #

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ts7821024540 4 #

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ts7821024540 3 #

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mikosians 2 #

Amazing Tspot features
2020-11-10 23:27 Like(2)


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