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Solutions to Security Update Problems

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For the past few days, I have taken notice of people complaining about the inability to check for updates since they are presented with an error
(Updates Are Temporary Unavailable, Try Again Later)

Well, I have finally decided to intervene and educate the masses. This problem isn't new nor does it mean you have a faulty device but rather a problem from Google (Google Play Services or Google Play Store)

Normally, this happens every month when updates are pushed to various devices, and below is a simple trick to solve this issue.

1. After a couple of days, this issue solves on its own, but sometimes restarting your device helps.
2. Clear cache and data of both Google Play Services and Google Play Store and re-check for updates.


How to Clear Cache and Data of Google Play Services and Google Play
1. Settings >Apps and Notification > See All Apps
2. Scroll up to locate Google Play Service/Google Play
3. Tap on Google Play Services/Google Play
4. Tap on Storage and Cache > Clear Storage (Clear all data) and Clear Cache



1. If you are lagging behind on updates, then this trick is for you
2. On a lighter note, both Security and Google Play System Updates got updated to October 5th and 1st respectively on Camon 15. To learn how to update your device, click on any of the links below.

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Patterns 3 #

A friend of mine had issues with this. Thanks for sharing.
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Diego Nerde 2 #

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