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Hello T-fans,
Since the launch of the latest HiOS 7, lots of users have testified to its amazing performance and sleekness on both the Camon 15 series and the Spark 6. The experience has been unforgettable.

However, many of you are yet to experience this amazing features HiOS 7 has to offer. Well, here is an opportunity to experience it and get rewarded for doing so!


you would need to Visit the nearest TECNO Exclusive store or ANY STORE where original TECNO devices are sold. Take a picture of you viewing and experiencing an HiOS 7 powered device (Spark 6 or Camon 16 series) and upload the picture under this thread. Alongside the picture, write a review about how you feel about any HiOS feature you experienced, good or bad. We want you to express your mind. Post this alongside your picture.

Features to experience:
Smart Scanner Scan: Translator, Drug Check, Recharge

Auto Ear Pickup
how to activate: Settings>>>Smart Assistant>>>Micro intelligence>>>Raise to ear

Social Turbo for WhatsApp Business: WhatsApp Sticker Workshop, peek mode, whatsapp call
how to activate: Settings>>>Social turbo

Video caller
how to activate: Settings>>>Themes and lockscreen>>>My video show

Photo Compressor
how to activate: AI Gallery>>>tools>>>Compress photos

Gesture Flashlight
how to activate: Settings>>>Smart Assistant>>>Micro intelligence>>>Quick start>>>flash light

Wifi Share
how to activate: Setings>>>Wifi>>>Tap on barcode

Magic Button
how to activate: Open game>>>slide out game panel>>>Magic button

Face unlock 2.0: Autofill screen-light, closed eye detection
how to activate: Settings>>>Security>>>face unlock

Calculator: Currency converter, advanced maths solving

other HiOS features ……

Winners would be selected based on clarity and expression.

First prize: $50 (1 winner)
Second prize: $10 (5 winners)
Third prize: $5 (20 winners)

Go out there and experience HiOS 7 now!!!

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God loves me 146 #

Today I got to experience the most wanted feature of the HiOS 7 which was the Smart Scanner.
I always didn't like buying scratch card because of the stress you go through sometimes and you turn to loose some digits and it is very frustrating.Thanks to HiOS 7 Smart Scanner I no longer have to worry about recharging because it's now safe and simple to use.
I can also check whether a drug is genuine or not.
this is a good move on the HiOS 7 and hoping to see more of this in the coming years.
2020-11-23 15:52 Like(4)

272842105558 145 #

2020-11-23 10:31 Like(0)

ts07052166697 144 #

Tecno is the best product ever.you guys are trying love your product . Tecno ❤️ am using Tecno pouvoir 4 right now. The phone is fast have enough space and the camera is great long lasting battery .Wow the comon 15 is great now we can compit with iPhone users. Keep it up???? always a Tecno fans.
2020-11-23 09:58 Like(0)

ts8134323171 143 #

My name is Akinola Ayobami Steven, i volunteer with various international organization as regards reducing hunger in Africa and also helping refugees and the effect of cross culture. I love Tecno spark 5 pro because of the features, which I would like to highlight, firstly it offers more space to store more pictures of my work during research, without been worried  of frequent clean-up to get more storage. Because as a volunteer in need to take a lot of pictures when on mission as evidence. Secondly you don't have to worry about battery life ,  when on mission you have to fully concentrate and there is no place to charge except with your power bank but with techno spark 5 pro you don't have to worry, moreso you don't have to worry about your phone hanging due to large storage files. In conclusion you can Multitask , for example during an international conference (virtual) I was presenting through zoom and at the same time I had to share my slides via wps. am one of the facilator said this Nigerians guys are great and good with technology and I also got an internship with them in Poland. So let me say it is faster with outstanding camera sensitive elements, with AI included
2020-11-23 05:32 Like(1)

ts7065940646 142 #

I am Adetola. I use Techno Camon 15, I love you guys.
2020-11-23 05:28 Like(1)

ts8038899572 141 #

I love you guys
2020-11-23 03:11 Like(1)

ts30172381 140 #

Tecno spark 5pro give me the best result anticipate in an android mobile. The durability of the battery life and the gestures exploring or apps give. Tecno, you are the best mobile company!
2020-11-23 00:56 Like(0)

ts09136386116 139 #

Spark 5pro best ever techno ave used
2020-11-22 20:59 Like(0)

ts30170857 138 #

I like Tecno...
2020-11-22 18:44 Like(0)

ts545067768 137 #

TECNO CAMON 15 is really good
2020-11-22 17:54 Like(0)

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