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Happy thanksgiving from CAMON 16!

Activities  |  2020-11-26 10:32 20035080

Hello T fans

It’s Thanksgiving Day, and we thank you all for your support, acceptance and love for the CAMON 16. Those pictures you took and displayed on your social media pages, the memes created, the positive review and feedback, and those amazing videos you shot. We saw them all and we love it!!
In celebration of this year Thanksgiving Day, we are excited to present you an opportunity to win a $400 worth of Gift items, TECNO H2 HI pods, Power banks and our branded back packs(gifts will be varies based on regional stock) simply by telling us your favorite CAMON 16 feature and how you can use it for your daily drive.

Activity rules
1. Follow the CAMON 16 Section
2. Post your entry as a comment - your favorite CAMON 16 feature and how you can use it for your daily drive
3. Most detailed and descriptive comments stand a chance to win.
4. Comments submitted after deadline will not be considered.
5. TECNO moderators and staff are excluded from the event.  

Duration of activity: November 26th- 29th November 2020

Lucky fairy will knock on 10 lucky participants door!

General Rules:
1. All participants must at least 18 years old and if there is any personal issue that cannot collect the prize, TECNO won’t have any responsibility of this. The copyright of the photo must belong to the participant.
2. TECNO reserves the right to change the content on the TECNO SPOT and other details. All content is protected by TECNO copyrights.
3. TECNO reserves the right to change or delete this activity without prior notice.
4. TECNO will announce the final winners of this activity on TECNO SPOT when we finish the activity.
5. In case of any concerns or objections, TECNO reserves the right to make final decisions about the content or to change the award at any time.
6. If the personal information is not complete or identity cannot be verified, TECNO reserves the right to cancel the award without prior notice.

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133 #

very nice
2023-1-20 00:07 Like(1)

132 #

2022-12-15 08:57 Like(1)

131 #

so disappointed since December 2021 that the camon 16 Premier fingerprint stop working till now it still not functioning
2022-10-25 18:55 Like(1)

130 #

Please system update please for my camon 16pro
2022-10-8 14:57 Like(1)

129 #

TECNO Take Us To Another World. lower the price and higher the Technology.
2022-9-26 03:51 Like(0)
  • : Bravo Tecno wellet

    2022-12-15 08:18

128 #

I love this phone so much please I need one please 🙏🙏🙏
2022-9-12 10:40 Like(0)

Sikabum 127 #

Surprisingly, the Canon made me excited. I hadn't heard of any shenanigans at their company in a long time. The product they make is considered one of the best on the market. But there are always and everywhere competitors. Recently, I was given a Photo Booth for my birthday, which I was very happy about. I want to say that the product of this company is also famous for its quality. And what would you choose?
2022-4-13 13:33 Like(0)

kamugisha kanahart 123 #

2021-1-3 04:52 Like(1)

283214215466 122 #

It's got amazing camera functions  , TECNO CAMON 16 Premier is not only has distinctive appearance features, its industry-best 64MP rear camera and 48MP front cameras enable it easily take photos with magazine-level qualities with the intelligent switching of the wide-angle mode. The picture quality has outperformed current smartphones in the market. At the same time, TECNO CAMON 16 Premier's professional view
2020-12-7 18:39 Like(1)

30279324 121 #

I want the Techno Team in China to look this Camon 16 premier very well. This phone has a selfie problem especially at night. The picture at night are very poor and show blue line on the background.
2020-12-6 10:18 Like(0)



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