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【Game Starts】Phone Master X Xshare send save data tips and christmas gifts.

Phone Master  |  2020-12-8 02:32 421401831


SOS! Not enough data?
Phone master data package giveaway!
Phone Master X Xshare send save data tips and christmas gifts.

TWO steps to Save Data
1. Open Data Plan Monitor in Phone Master “Data Manager”
2. Transfer files in XShare
Don’t forget to leave screenshots and comment

Official: Dec 15-23th

Finished Two online tasks,
We send you Data for a week!
--- Pick 10 Winner in random, $20 for each

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Barekese Mmrante Hene 10 #

2020-12-8 08:28 Like(0)

shadie 8 #

Phone master is the best
2020-12-8 05:44 Like(0)

mikosians 7 #

My Xmas plan of course is to duly appreciate the celebrant of the day Jesus Christ, after which I will spend quality time with my family both far and near. To my family far away of course I will need Data to make Video calls thereby singing, playing and praying for them to see the new year. To my family here I will support them with cooking and if possible support them in helping people within the community to spread the message of love and hope by sharing of gifts and food items.
2020-12-8 05:23 Like(1)

Bolademi1 6 #

To enjoy every bit of it with family and friends
2020-12-8 04:45 Like(0)

Deeman 5 #

My Xmas plan is to celebrate the birth of Christ with my family
2020-12-8 04:42 Like(0)

atarah 4 #

My plan this Xmas is to stream videos while eating, make long calls to family and friends far and near.
2020-12-8 04:20 Like(0)

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