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3 Things No One Told You of Hipods-H2

Hipods-H2  |  2020-12-19 07:31 2732

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Hello T-fans.

With a high sense of repute adding to the glory of the TECNO brand, the Hipods-H2 gives sounds a new equation by taking audio experience to a whole new level. And it doesn’t just do this on TECNO devices only, but even iOS and PC inclusive. Since its launch this year, it has made its way to become one of the most searched TECNO product on the internet. But here’s 3 things no one has told you of the Hipods-H2.

(1) The TECNO Hipods-H2 is the first of its kind in its series of True Wireless Stereo (TWS) to officially hit the Nigerian Market.

Unlike its predecessor, the Hipods-H1 whose journey ended in the Asian market, the Hipods-H2 an upgrade to it, made its way through major markets of the brand (Africa, Asia, etc). It has received lots of positive reviews on Amazon from users across different parts of the globe with an overall rating of 4 out of 5.


(2) It is the first earbud of the brand and in its series to carry the teardrop design.

In addition to a perfect ear mold, the Hipods-H2 carries an acute sense of comfortability in design, doing away with ear canal fatigue, fall outs, etc. It is wireless, lightweight, portable, fine & exquisite in striking balance between sound quality and trendy design, living up to the glory of the TECNO brand.


(3) The Hipods-H2 is the only earbud from TECNO to come in two secondary colours.

Unlike the Hipods-H1 which comes in a single colour only (black), the Hipods-H2 comes in black, and white while others like the A3 comes in black only, and M1 in white only. This gives you the option of choice to suit your preference.


If you would like to experience the Hipods-H2, leave a like or comment below, and also participate in our Xmas event.
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