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[Gaming King December] December Gaming King: All AHA Wants For Christmas is You! Excellent

AHA Games  |  2020-12-22 02:45 5582140797

Hello AHA Fans and T-Fans, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!Come and win your holiday gifts on AHA’s community feature
December GK.jpg
Time schedule: Dec.22nd~Dec 28th

2 Tecno Pova Phones!!

How To Participate:
1. Everyday login the AHA Moments (Community) feature, and make a game related post with "#gamingking" hashtag in the community. Take a screenshot of your posts
2. Under the event post on T-Spot, post these screenshots.
3. The more posts you post, the higher probability you will have of winning. Make sure your posts are of the best quality too, the number of likes/comments you receive will be taken into consideration.
4. Key Point: Make sure your account name on AHA Community and T-Spot are the same!

Newest Version Of AHA Games: AHA_Games.apk

How to post on the AHA Moments(Community) Feature:

Good Luck! And Happy Holidays!

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Teras 5555 #

Not a gaming contest but a posting, likes and engagement contest!!!
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John Chris 5554 #

choose me pls
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